Ofo Bike Thrown Down from HDB Flat: Here Are 7 Facts You Need to Know

Ofo bikes have been in the headlines for all the wrong reason—so much so that they’ve decided to tighten their regulations to prevent more abuse.

But nothing came close to this. A guy has just decided to take it to a whole new (dangerous) level by tossing the bike from the top of an HDB flat…and having the entire process filmed as well.

So…what really happened? Here are seven facts that you might be interested in, because it’s #yetanotherofonews

When the video first got its views

While no one knows who first posted the video, it’s speculated that before it went “hot” in Facebook, it apparently was circulated in WhatsApp. A Reddit user then uploaded it into Vimeo.

When it got viral

However, it only got viral when it was uploaded to the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page, garnering more than 9K Shares and well over 221K views in less than 5 hours.

Given the traction it has so far, I won’t be surprised that it’s going to be yet another 1-million-view video. Seems apt that this morning, it’s reported that the culprits in another video that has got this amount of views, the infamous Toa Payoh couple bullying a an elderly, have just been charged.

What is it

If you’ve just watched the video without the sound on, you might have missed out an important point. In the background, someone was saying, “This is not my m*****f****** fault. I swear to God—”

It’s unclear whether it’s the voice of the video taker or someone else.

When it happened

According to The Straits Times, residents heard a loud sound at around midnight this morning (15 June 2017). That must have woken up many people!

Where it happened

The “crime scene” is in Blk 116B, along Jalan Tenteram in Whampoa. The relatively new BTO flat, which started its sale in 2012, is near to Toa Payoh.

According to The New Paper, it’s believed to be thrown from the 30th level.

What happened to the bike

It didn’t land on the ground floor – instead, it landed and got struck on the ledge of one of the lower floors. No one was hurt (thank God it was midnight!)

How ofo responded

Ofo has since made a police report, and investigations are ongoing. After all, this time, it isn’t just a case of simple vandalism or inconsideration: this is a killer litter and a deliberate act.

The spokesman for the bike-sharing firm told The Straits Times that they’re now working with the authorities to investigate the incident, because this is “something that goes beyond vandalism and poses a threat to the safety of everyone around”.

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Feature Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

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