Man Asked for Refund After $12.5K Rolex Malfunctioned But Told Everyone That Owner Allegedly Wanted to ‘Punch’ Him


If you have a Rolex watch, you pretty much have made it in life—assuming you’re not eating cup noodles for the rest of the year as prices start from $5,000.

To get a Rolex, you could either start saving up or you could opt for a second-hand (if you don’t mind).

That’s what Mr Chen did but his experience wasn’t pleasant.

What happened

According to Stomp, Mr Chen bought a second-hand Rolex watch at one of the shops in Far East Plaza.

I am pretty sure he was excited when he made the purchase as it was going to be gifted to his mother.

Unfortunately, the Rolex malfunctioned twice in three weeks.

He decided to get a refund but instead, all he got was a threat from the shop owner, a threaten to punch to be exact.

But the shop owner had a different story to share.

This is a he said, she said situation.


There are always three sides to every story—in this case, it would be Mr Chen’s, the shop owner’s and of course, the truth.

It’s another classic case of the Rashomon Effect. Here, take a look at this video and you’ll understand what it means.


Anyway, moving on.

Mr Chen’s side of the story

He bought the second-hand Rolex for $11,000 in February from the said shop but it started to malfunction after a few days.

He brought it back to the shop to get it fixed and he was allegedly convinced to buy additional accessories amounting to $1,500.

So, he spent like $12,500 in total—he should have just got a brand new Rolex.

Two weeks later, the watch started to act up again.

I guess that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.


On 21 Oct at about 4:45 p.m., he headed back to the shop.

He told Lianhe Wanbao that he couldn’t put up with it and requested a refund instead.

However, it was a no-go, and he said that the boss asked another employee to attend to him.


Mr Chen started to scold the owner.

“The owner became infuriated and threatened to punch me. He told me that he would not return to me the full sum, only 85 percent of the amount,” said Mr Chen.

Mr Chen did agree to it. Just some numbers before we continue: 85% of $12,500 is $10,625. In others words, he (his mother, to be specific) got to own the watch for about nine months and that cost $1,875.

“I was shocked by his belligerent behaviour and agreed to the arrangement,” he said.

But after a moment of introspection, he was unsatisfied with the deal he made, and he decided to call backup.


His friend came down to help him negotiate with the owner.


According to Mr Chen, his friend was bigger in size than him.


The friend then questioned the owner.

“He asked the owner why he was bullying me, but the owner became more aggressive and told us that he would beat us both up,” said Mr Chen.

Now it is time to hear the shop owner’s side of the story—by the way, his name is Mr Xu and he is 54 year old.

Mr Xu’s side of the story

According to Mr Xu, Mr Chen called down his friend to stir the pot after the refund has been made.


“I offered to help him repair the watch for free but he did not want it,” said Mr Xu.

He also mentioned that Mr Chen’s friend insulted him and wanted to fight him.

Does it remind anyone of a primary school fight? No?


Well, there is one commonality to both their stories. The refund has been made.

Apart from that, we don’t know whether the remaining amount got refunded or did Mr Xu fixed his watch pro bono.

What we know

Stomp mentioned that the police arrive at the scene after being alerted to the incident. They advised both parties on their legal recourse.

Now, if I had $11,000 and I die die wanted to get a Rolex watch, I will just get a brand new one.

According to Watch Time, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual costs $5,400 USD which is about SGD$7,358 SGD.


I must admit though, it looks beautiful.

But I am better off spending that money on a nice holiday in Reykjavik which resembles Narnia!

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