Man’s Car Stolen in Geylang After He Left Engine Running for 10 Mins to Run Errands

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In the 10 minutes that restaurant owner He Chuntie took to move ingredients from his car to the restaurant, his second-hand Toyota Allion has been stolen.

“My car is so scratched that I never expected someone to steal such a worn-out car,” he said.


Here’s what happened.

Left Engine Running for 10 Minutes, Car Disappeared

Mr He has two boxes of ingredients in his car that he needed to move to the restaurant on 23 September afternoon. For convenience, he parked the car on the side of Geylang Road, and went about moving the first box of ingredients… without turning off the engine.

When he came out of Xiao Xiang Yuan restaurant to move the other box of ingredients ten minutes later, the car was gone. His passport, two apartment keys, and his mobile phone were in the car when it got stolen.

Mr He had never expected his car to be stolen in the 14 years that he had lived in Singapore. This was especially since his car was a second-hand Toyota Allion, which has suffered many scratches.

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Police Found Car Within 4 Hours

Mr He called the police. Through police camera footage, they saw that two men, one in white and the other in grey, stole the car.

About four hours later, the police informed Mr He that the car was found at Geylang Lane 44. His passport and apartment keys were still in the car, but his mobile phone was gone.

Impressed at the speed at which the police found his car, Mr He labelled them as “really efficient”. He also hopes that the police can help him recover his mobile phone, since he had lots of important information in it.


The police have confirmed that a stolen car had been recovered, and the investigations are still ongoing.

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao