Man Complained Online About Buying Spoilt Milk But Got Slammed Instead

What’s the first thing you’d do when you buy something that’s spoilt.

Go to the internet, right?

Hotlines are so yesterday.

Here’s the hotline of today: Social media platforms. 

There’s a worm in your salmon? Just post it on Facebook.

Found plastic in your minced meat? Facebook time.

Found- well, yeah, you get the idea.

Which was why this man decided to take to Twitter after buying allegedly spoilt milk from a well-known brand.

Chocolate Milk From Dutch Lady Spoilt

On 17 Jan 2019, Twitter user @sain_98 posted a video on his Twitter account.

The video starts with him holding on to a pack of chocolate milk from Dutch Lady. The packet of milk has an expiry date of July 2019.

Then, he took a pair of scissors and cut it open before pouring the content out.

Instead of the chocolatey brown milk that we’re all used to, what comes out is yellowish liquid with brown sludge.

So there he was, obviously hoping for sympathy from fellow netizens.

Unfortunately for him, the entire incident backfired instead.

The online sentiment, instead of being directed at the milk company, was directed at the man instead.

Netizens, instead of sympathising with him, started slamming him instead.

“Why buy the milk if it already shows signs that it is spoiled? I think it is already stated in the box that you shouldn’t open it if there are any signs of defect on the container.”

“It is also possible that the milk was opened by the individual in the first place, but left it out of the fridge for too long.”

“If you just bought the milk, why do you cut the side of the box instead of just opening the lid to prove your point?”

Another netizen took offence with how he opened the milk: “Why would you cut instead of pouring the milk out properly?”

And they believed that the milk wasn’t sealed, but opened before being kept for two months.


“Who the hell would drink milk, keep it for two months and have the urge to continue drinking it afterwards?”

“Everyone knows that once you’ve opened the box, it will eventually spoil. Plus, if it is already showing signs of spoilage, you don’t have to consume it.”

“It is clearly spoilt due to improper care. You lack the knowledge.”

Moral of the Story: 

Netizens now know about the Rashomon Effect too.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can get your first words in. People interpret different events differently, and you’re not safe even if you’re the “victim” in the incident.


So, next time, just contact the company hotline or Facebook page instead. Who knows, you might just get your issue resolved without having to go through so much hazing. #JustSaying

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