Man Super Disappointed At The Super Thin Amount of Butter at OldTown White Coffee M’sia Toast


Last Updated on 2023-05-16 , 2:23 pm

Butter on toast is a beloved staple among Asians, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia where kaya toast is a must-have. 

While Singaporeans and Malaysians do fight about the stupidest things, if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that the combination of savoury butter and sweet kaya is simply heavenly. 

Unfortunately, one man in Malaysia did not get to experience much of this heavenly taste at an OldTown White Coffee outlet in Malaysia.

Mr Ernie Chen, the chairman and president at Portman College in Malaysia, expressed his dissatisfaction with the dining experience on Facebook on 9 May 2023 when an unusual amount of butter was served on his toast.

Unusually little, that is.

The toast only had one thin strip of butter, with it not even covering half of the bread.

Man Received Meagre Amounts of Butter on His Toast

In the Facebook post, Mr Chen attached multiple photos of the tiny strip of butter on his toast and a photo of himself looking disappointed. 

He had ordered the Asians’ classic breakfast trio, which includes a set of butter kaya toast and some half-boiled eggs, from the OldTown White Coffee outlet in Malaysia. 

Compared to the thick wads of butter we are used to from outlets like Ya Kun Kaya Toast or just about any local coffee shop, the toast served to him only had one thin strip of butter.

Seeming as if it was “piped” from a bag, the butter could not even cover half of the toasted bread.

Was Not Given More Butter Even When He Requested For a New Set

Mr Chen’s unfortunate experience did not improve even after he requested for a new toast set. 

The small amount of butter given was definitely not an accident as his new set of toast returned with the same small amount of butter spread.

He then gave up on requesting another set afterwards.

To add to his dissatisfaction, Mr Chen also noticed that his toast was soggy, and the soya sauce provided for his half-boiled eggs was not the usual dark soya sauce but a type used for sushi.


Mr Chen expressed his shock at the drop in quality, especially since OldTown White Coffee was once his favourite coffee chain. 

He has since lodged a complaint with the outlet but has not received a response.

Used to be a Fan

Like many others who enjoyed the brand’s offerings, Mr Chen shared that he was once a fan of the OldTown White Coffee brand and expected better from the company since it once dominated the modern kopitiam scene. 

However, this particular dining experience clearly enraged him, as he even suggested that the brand should leave the kopitiam scene if they were going to continue providing low-quality food and service.

He also compared OldTown White Coffee to their competitor, Oriental Kopitiam, and stated that they had better service and food despite being new to the kopitiam scene. 


Similar Complaints on the Internet

Complaints about the quality of OldTown White Coffee outlets in Malaysia are not uncommon. 

A Kuala Lumpur outlet received a poor rating of one star out of five stars on TripAdvisor, with the user citing poor service and lengthy waiting times. 

Like Mr Chen’s experience, the customer also expressed dissatisfaction with the taste, sharing that it was subpar compared to its cost. 

While no grievances have been reported against OldTown White Coffee’s outlets in Singapore, a local citizen observed that the brand had decreased the number of coffee sticks in their instant premix packets in April 2023.

They did so while raising the price of the packets found in local supermarkets to $7.30, 15.4% higher than those imported from Malaysia.