Man So Drunk in Train, SMRT Staff Have to Drag Him Out of the Train


I am sure you have been drunk at least once in your life—if you don’t then I feel sorry for you.

Trust me, it builds character and you will have an anecdote to share with your future kids.

I have been drunk countless times; I have enough stories to write a memoir on my drunken escapades.


Some people might go on an Eat, Pray, Love trip to find themselves; some people just get drunk.

It is pretty much the same thing and it is cost-effective.

Lately, I have been a sad drunk and my night would typically end like this:


But luckily for me, my existential crisis occurs in a safe environment, surrounded by kindred spirits aka my friends.

Unfortunately, for one man, his experience was caught on video.

What happened

According to Stomper Joanne—she saw an Indian man slumped on the seats of an MRT train on 10 October, when she took the train from Aljunied which was going towards Pasir Ris.

When the train arrived at Tampines MRT Station at around 11 P.M., the man was approached by two SMRT staff.

Here is the video:


What happened? Man escorted out of train by SMRT staff

Why did this man have to be escorted off a train at Tampines MRT Station?

Posted by Stomp on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

It looks like the SMRT staff were manhandling…oops I mean they were trying to get him off the train.

Judging from his slow motions, it seems that the man was drunk.

Maybe he was trying to drown his sorrow in alcohol.

I mean, it is pretty bad. He couldn’t even stand up on his own.

One of the staff had to carry the man’s shoe and bag.

Somehow he managed to wake up from his drunken stupor, and the three of them exited the train.

What did the Netizens say

Some were appalled by his behaviour

Image: Stomp Facebook

nuisance to*

Image: Stomp Facebook
Image: Stomp Facebook

And one who felt that you shouldn’t get drunk.


Some felt that the SMRT staff could have dealt the situation better.

Image: Stomp Facebook

And some are wondering why the wheelchair couldn’t be brought out for the poor dude.

Image: Stomp Facebook
Image: Stomp Facebook

Some had other theories to his state of being.

Image: Stomp Facebook


Image: Stomp Facebook
Image: Stomp Facebook


It is not clear if he was being a public nuisance, but if the SMRT staff had to intervene, I guess he must have made the passengers uncomfortable.

So the next time if you want to get drunk and commiserate with your friends, just do it at home.


No need to worry about being Stomped!

Moral of the story—in the words of this wise netizen:

Image: Stomp Facebook

Well said.

If you drink, don’t drive; If you drink, don’t take MRT.

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