Man Gets This Gigantic ‘Baluku’ After Been Flicked on Head 200 Times for Losing in Dai Di


Last Updated on 2017-06-22 , 10:56 am

Take a look at this.

Image: Facebook (李政諺)

Shocked? Well, here’s something even more shocking: this is a “baluku”—a swollen forehead as someone flicked his forehead a total of 200 times.

This apparently happened in Taiwan: in a Facebook post, it’s mentioned that the guy had lost in Big Two (Dai Di), and therefore the punishment was a finger flick to the head.

This punishment, commonly seen in Korea variety shows and dramas, sounds and looks pretty innocuous in TV.

But it seems like there’s so much your skin can take. 1 is okay, but 200 isn’t.

The video of the “torture” has since garnered over 6K Shares and well over 2 million views.

If there’s one thing to learn from this, here’s it: have fun…in moderation.

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Featured Image: Facebook (李政諺)

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