Someone Bit an iPhone Battery & It Exploded. Literally.

Why on earth would anyone bite an iPhone battery? I mean; it’s a battery, not a buttery waffle.

According to Channel NewsAsia, this mystery’s not yet solved. But other news sites have speculated that he wanted to check the battery’s authenticity (which still doesn’t make sense to me because that’s not GOLD).

Anyway, this incident was first reported by Taiwan News on 23 January. It appears that this man was looking for a replacement battery for his iPhone in China at an unspecified electronics store.


Maybe he was too hungry and mistook the battery for a… God knows what. Well, it happens… like the minion who was so hungry he had a hallucination that his 2 other minion friends were bananas.


So like the minion, this man decided to give the battery a good gnaw.


And we all know the ending. In less than a second from the CCTV footage, the battery exploded into a burst of flames, like magic (just not in a good way).


Thank the heavens the man and the people around did the matrix move and no one was injured by the explosion.

The video of this peculiar incident was posted on the Chinese video sharing site Miaopai and has since been viewed more than 4.4 million times as of 24 January. Pause a while and have a look at the new 10-second Stranger Things, China version.

So after this incident, Samsung and Apple are fair and square? Since the Galaxy Note 7 overheated and exploded while Apple’s iPhone battery blew up?

That’s why people say, don’t be a cheapo and go to third-party retailers. According to Business Insider, the initial batch of Note 7 phones which was recalled has its battery from a different supplier.

Samsung was in a rush to get the new phones out and the battery produced by the supplier had a defect which caused the overheating.

As for the main lead of this article, though we can’t confirm whether the iPhone battery was authentic, it’s China after all, where electronics stores are infamously known for its fake goods.

iPhone users, best to get your battery replacement before you unknowingly appear as the cast for another episode of Stranger Things, Singapore version. Just saying.

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