Man Molested Lady in S’pore And Then Gave Her $0.50.

If you think you know chauvinism, just wait till you meet this guy.

After tipping a beer promoter 10 cents for bringing him his beer, a New Zealand sheep farmer going by the name of Jeffrey Bruce Shearer offered the beer promoter 50 cents after molesting her in public.


(What the hell I can’t even-)

The incident occurred on 24 July 2017, when Shearer and his father-in-law went to a coffee shop for some beer.

The beer promoter served them twice and received the 10 cents tip after the second order (Gee, what a cheapskate).

The beer promoter then stayed at the table to attend to the two men. That was when Shearer gave a perverted smile and grabbed the beer promoter’s right breast.

The beer promoter fought off Shearer’s advances and shouted at him. Shearer then pushed a 50 cents coin across the table, offering her the money.


(Man, what a piece of shit)

The beer promoter confided in other customers and then decided to call her husband for help. Her husband then confronted Shearer, who admitted to molesting the woman.

Shearer was subsequently arrested by the police.

There are just so many things I want to say about this, but I don’t actually know where to start. The shear stup- I mean, the sheer stupidity of this man is appalling.

Hmm, for starters, how about the fact that he did this right in front of his father-in-law? I mean, why would you even do something like this while your father-in-law is watching?!

Unless the father-in-law actually approves of his actions, then we should probably jail the father-in-law as well. Just saying.

Anyway, on 30 Nov, Shearer was jailed for 6 months on one count of outraging the beer promoter’s modesty. (Take that, criminal scum)

The Deputy Public Prosecutor also said the following:

“The entire behaviour is chauvinistic and completely demeaning to the victim and is inherently reprehensible”.


“The message must go out that service staff must be treated, if not with respect, then appropriately. On no account should they be made to feel vulnerable at their workplace,” said District Judge Dorothy Ling.

Now, I’m not sure what made him think that it’s ok to treat a woman this way. Perhaps he should have spent more time mingling with humans instead of sheeps.

(Although I’m pretty sure a sheep will also retaliate if touched inappropriately.)


That being said, please treat the people around you with the respect they deserve. Just because you’re some owner of a sheep farm doesn’t mean you are better than the rest of us.

I really hope Shearer will reflect on his actions considering he now has 6 months of free time to do so.

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