Man Parked Illegally & Told Officer, ‘I got money to pay!’


Can’t believe I’m actually writing my second article about idiots today, but here we go.

In a video uploaded to Stomp on 11 Feb, a man can be seen arguing with a Land Transport Authority(LTA) enforcement officer issuing the man a summons ticket for parking illegally along Bedok North Street 2.

And the best part of the video?

The uploader, Stomper Jason, is also the idiot who parked his vehicle illegally.

Image: Know Your Meme

So this Jason fella took out his phone and started recording a video, telling the officer to “give people chance”.

When the officer refused to “give people chance”, Stomper Jason continued by saying “never mind, you issue lah! I got money to pay what, no problem!”

Stomper Jason eventually zoomed in on the officer’s name tag and said: “Look at his name!”

…Oh, my goodness. This is some high-level second-hand embarrassment at work here! I would rather roll down a flight of stairs than to finish the video.


(Watch out for those stairs bro)

Stomper Jason then complained about how the officer also parked at the side of the road just to give him the summons.

I…I’m at a loss for words. With every word coming out of Stomper Jason’s mouth, I can actually feel myself getting dumber.

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According to Stomp, an LTA spokesperson said that:

“In certain situations and when necessary, enforcement officers (EOs) from the LTA may stop and park near illegally parked vehicle(s) to carry out enforcement action against drivers who are contravening the parking restrictions.”

“The EO in the video was carrying out his duties in accordance with LTA’s Standard Operating Procedures when he issued a Notice of Offence for illegal parking to the motorist on 11 February, at about 10 pm, along Block 128 Bedok North Street 2.”

“To ensure safety and to minimise inconvenience to other road users, we strongly urge all motorists to obey the traffic rules and regulations when on the roads.”

TL;DR: The officer did nothing wrong. Please don’t be a dick like Stomper Jason.

As always, let’s have a look at the comments section and see what others have to say:


Well, I guess these comments summed up the story pretty nicely.

While I have no idea what compelled Stomper Jason to upload such a video (except for the possibility that he’s a masochist hoping for people to insult him), I’m glad that he did what he did.

Why? Well, now I have a perfect example of someone who was thrown at a wall when he was born.

That’s all.

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