Man Rapped About his Experience with Grab Drivers Cancelling his Trip And It Went Viral


We all had experiences of being rejected by somebody.

And it hurts. (draws circles in a corner, finishes a bucket of ice cream)


My mom says it’s part of growing up, but I always feel that a part of me is lost.

What really pushed me to write this article is because this dude that I’m gonna talk about got rejected 3 times consecutively.

By Grab drivers.

The only time I got rejected so many times is because my brother changed my iPhone password.

Well, back to the poor dude.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but taxis operate on a strange logarithm.

When you need them the most (late for work, rushing for appointment) they are nowhere to be found. But when you don’t need a taxi, they’re everywhere.

So this is where apps such as Uber and Grab comes in right? They’re supposed to be faster and more readily available.

And just when this dude thought he could rely on them, he faced his worst rejection history ever and shared his story through a video.

It went viral (probably supported by people who kena rejection before) and has 65k views now.

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The guy, known as Mikrophone on Facebook, needed a big car boot to store the whole load of groceries his family bought. They also had a wheelchair.

So when he made the booking for a Grab ride, he indicated these in the notes section.

Image: wikiHow

After 2 cancellations, the third driver told him that he can only look at the notes section “after accepting the ride”.

Which doesn’t quite make sense to me. Aren’t the notes there to make sure that your driver can match your needs?

‘Mikrophone’  illustrated this by saying it is just like how an exam candidate only realised that he’s taking a math paper after seeing the paper.

He also complained about the long waiting time for his Grab rides, as drivers tend to pick up ‘business’ while in the midst of dropping off a passenger.

Which means that you have to wait for the passenger to arrive at the destination and then the driver comes to you.

And the expected time is always wrong.

He felt unfair because passengers have to pay a ‘late fee’ of $3 for every 5 min you make your driver wait.

‘Mikrophone’ and his family then chose to take public transport instead.

Surprisingly, it was faster than the whole booking and waiting for Grab drivers.

Just when you thought the video was going to end…..

-plot twist-

‘Mikrophone’ started to thank Grab and said that he filmed the video to remind himself to be thankful for Grab.


And then he made a rap to show his appreciation.

I would say it’s pretty decent.

A for effort, just like how S is for sarcasm.

You can watch the whole video here:

THANK YOU GRAB (A Personal Rant)

Thank You GrabSo I took grab today and I was cancelled 3 times, but I've been rejected by girls more than that so I'm used to itListen till the end for a rap and song for Grab 😀

Posted by Mikrophone on Sunday, 3 December 2017

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