Serangoon Eatery Called the Police After A Couple on First Date Didn’t Agree on Who Should Pay


When on a first date, is it expected for the guy to pay? What if he refuses to pay and blocks you on all platforms?

This is what happened to a lady on 15 March, and she claims that she’s been scammed.

Both Left Separately Without Paying $269.55

On 15 March 2022, a couple who met online decided to go to Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ at 63 Serangoon Garden Way for their first date.

The food they ordered included Wagyu beef, hot tea, soft drinks and rice wine, and it all totalled $269.55.

At about 8:32pm, both of them left their seats. The lady, who was in a black dress, went to the toilet, probably expecting the man to pay.

However, the man, who was in a blue shirt, walked leisurely towards the door. As there were customers paying at the counter, the staff did not see the man walking out.

At 8:36pm, the woman came out of the toilet, and left the restaurant without paying as well. You can watch the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage here.

The boss, Ms He, told Zaobao that the restaurant had just finished their peak hour, so the staff took the time to relax for a while. Nobody realised something was amiss until 9pm, when a staff realised that one table did not pay for their food.

Lady Refused to Pay, Said She’s A Victim of a Dating Scam

Since it was the lady who booked the seat, Ms He immediately called her up to ask for payment. The lady was surprised when she heard that nobody paid the bill.

She said that the man lived nearby the restaurant, and would go over to pay soon. Unsurprisingly, nobody came.

When Ms He contacted the lady again, instead of just sucking it up and paying, the lady refused to pay. 

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Her reason? Because the man blocked her on all social media platforms after the dinner, and she felt that she fell into a dating scam.

I mean, I’m sure the lady didn’t deserve to be ghosted like that. But this small family-owned business also doesn’t deserve to be unpaid, especially for a $269.55 bill. After all, the lady also ate at the restaurant, and should foot the bill too.

The lady said that she’ll be reporting this to the police, so it seems like the restaurant isn’t going to get their money back after all.

Moral of the story? Maybe make sure that your partner pays before leaving the restaurant, if you’re so adamant about not paying.

Or just be nice to the staff, accept your fate, pay the bill, and learn your lesson this time around.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ)