Man Robbed While Trying to Buy Cryptocurrency: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (13 Apr)

We love visiting the “Frozen Tundra” zone of the Singapore Zoo because it’s an escape from the hot weather.

But this zone might be losing one long-term resident soon.

Also, read about this Malaysian man who made a police report about being robbed, but is now being investigated for the source of his money.

M’sian Man Gets Robbed Trying To Buy Bitcoin

A Malaysian man got robbed.


Malaysia’s dangerous, we all know that.

But here’s the clincher, he got robbed in Singapore.


It was reported on 12 Apr that a Malaysian man was robbed in Singapore while trying to buy bitcoins.


On 8 Apr, Mr Pang Joon Hau came to Singapore with his broker to meet a man who claims to be selling bitcoins and a man who claims to be a broker.

The four men met at Hotel 81 in Middle Road.


After confirmation that Mr Pang has the amount of cash with him, the two men assaulted him and his broker and ran away with his money.

The police revealed that they’ve arrested two 36-year-old suspects on charges of robbery with hurt.


One of the men who robbed Mr Pang is a wanted man, who had a long string of offences he has yet to answer for.

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The police also said that they’re investigating the source of Mr Pang’s money.

S’pore Zoo Polar Bear, Inuka, in Declining Health, May Be Put to Sleep Soon


27-year-old Inuka, the first polar bear to be born in the tropics is in declining health, according to the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore (WRS).

They’ll be conducting a checkup for him at the end of the month, and if his condition doesn’t improve, he’ll be put to sleep.


A team did a check up for him last week and things are looking pretty bad.

Inuka suffers from age-related muscle weakness, arthritis, dental issues and occasional ear infections.

And abrasions on his paw pads.


He has also shown less interest in interacting with his keepers for the past three months, even with his favourite toys and food.

While there aren’t any more interactive sessions with Inuka, the Singapore Zoo said that people can still visit and see him at Frozen Tundra.

So make your way there before the end of the month, yeah?

Woman Who Gets Back $5.6K Cash Shows There’s Hope in S’poreans Just Yet

What would you do if you come across a wallet with money amounting to $5,600? Take the money or return it?

This young man, a 3SG (NS) Liaw Yi Kang decided to return it. And in the process, rekindle our hope in Singaporeans.


A 35-year-old woman, Ms Amalina Senin, left her wallet behind in a GrabCar. She gave up all hope of getting it back since the wallet contained $5,600.

The money was meant for her mother’s pilgrimage and her mother had passed it to her on that day.

She was busy texting on the phone and left her wallet behind, and only noticed that it was gone during dinner.

Lucky for her, it was 3SG Liaw who found the wallet. He was the passenger that took the GrabCar after her.

Giving multiple missed calls to her number, he texted her and finally got a response.

Ms Amalina’s husband offered him a $100 reward but he refused to take it.

Ms Amalina, who co-owned a music studio, says that due to this incident, she realised the importance of returning missing items.

She’ll make a bigger effort to return items left behind by customers at her studio.

What would you do if you found a wallet with so many $50 notes?

It’s Entirely Possible To Travel to Japan By Train

Travelling to Bangkok by train? Meh, not so impressive. But how about travelling to Japan by land and sea?

Image: Facebook

First, get yourself across the Singapore-Malaysia checkpoint and arrive at JB Sentral.


Take the train from JB Sentral to Gemas, Negeri Sembilan. Then from Gemas, an 8-hour train ride to Padang Besar.

Then, take an 18-hour ride on Train 36 at Padang Besar to Bangkok.


Next, take an 11-hour train ride to Nong Khai Station in Thailand, then shuttle train 713 to Thanaleng.

Here, you’ll have to take a taxi to Vientiane’s Southern Bus Station.


Take the HTX Van Tai 27-7 sleeper bus to Hanoi and alight at Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station.

Make your way to Gia Lam Station, which has a direct train to Nanning in China, then transfer to Nanning East for the high-speed rail to Shanghai Hongqiao Station.

And finally, make your way to Shanghai Port and take the 46-hour ferry, run by Shanghai Ferry, to Osaka Port.


And voila, you’re in Japan.

Whew, that was a mouthful. If you’re feeling adventurous and someone who enjoys the journey, not just the destination, this is for you.

8 DAYS, i-Weekly Will Become Digital-Only Publications

Still buying these magazines to read on your way to work or school? (Who still does that?)


Well, you’re no longer able to do that after Sep 2018.

Mediacorp announced that they’ll be stopping all printing for 8 DAYS and i-Weekly and make these two publications available only on the digital platform.

This is due to the popularity of the two publications online, Mediacorp says.

The staff for the two magazines will be retrained and redeployed within the organisation.

In addition, they’ll stop producing the Singapore edition of ELLE and will be closing their parent advice website, SmartParents.

A spokesperson for the company, however, said that they’ll continue to serve SmartParents’ and Elle’s readers with their wide range of offerings.

Moral of the story: disruption is real and it’s happening right now. So better make sure you’re future-ready, yeah?


Autism-Themed Train Showcase Artworks From People With Autism This Month

When you think autism, I bet 90% of you probably think of them as people with disabilities.

Like that kid who harassed an adult and almost got beaten up.

And I bet that when we mentioned artworks by people with autism, you’re thinking stickman art.


But were you expecting something like this?


The inspiration behind this artwork by 17-year-old Choo Jian Wei: The eyes is the organ that most people use to judge instead of trying to understand others.

He hopes that with this artwork, titled “The Sketch of an Eye” will help people move from judging to understanding people with disabilities.


The artworks can be found on a Downtown Line train, as well as at four stations. The stations are Bugis, Newton, Serangoon and Tampines and will be displayed until 9 May.

With this initiative, it’s hoped that people can focus on the things that persons with disabilities can do, instead of what they cannot do.

Which is true, because even persons without disabilities cannot be good at everything. Like me. I can’t sing for sh*t.

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