Man Suddenly Strips at Genting Hotel Lobby Allegedly Due to Stress from Work


At 4.20pm on 6 April, 46-year old man was spotted in a hotel lobby at Genting Highlands completely stripped naked and kneeling on the floor.

Image: China Press

The store assistant was on vacation with his wife and two children when all of a sudden, he took off all his clothes and kow-towed with his head touching the ground.

His wife yelled and tried to cover him up with his clothes, while members of the public brought towels for him to drape all over his body. 

The reason behind his bizarre actions was apparently tremendous work stress.

According to the police chief of Bentong district, Zaiham Mohd Kahar, the onlookers were apparently terrified and shaken at this shocking scene.

Local police was immediately notified and quickly brought him to a police station in Genting. They also sent him to a hospital in Bentong for a check-up on his mental state.

Apparently, the family had just arrived in Genting Highlands when the man started acting out.

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Work stress is a very real problem. Remembering to release the stress periodically is important, so you don’t bottle it in and eventually explode.

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Featured Image: China Press, Andrei Goncharov,