Man Used Co-Worker’s TraceTogether Token & Tried to Bribe Him With $100 & A Pack of Cigarettes

A 27-year-old man, Yang Fei, used his co-worker’s TraceTogether token to gain access to the mall as his token did not reflect his status.

The ironic fact is that he was vaccinated.

He was vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine before arriving in Singapore on 24 September 2021. However, he did not go to a healthcare provider to take a serology test to update his vaccination records in the National Immunisation Registry.

As a result, Mr Yang was not allowed to enter premises where there was vaccination-differentiated safe management.

Here’s what happened.

Mr Yang Used his Co-worker’s TraceTogether Token On Various Occasions 

Mr Yang met his co-worker, Mr Wan Meng, a 19-year-old Chinese national, on 14 December 2021.

Mr Yang had used Mr Wan’s TraceTogether token to enter Marina Bay Sands. On multiple occasions, Mr Yang also used Mr Wan’s token to enter Hougang One shopping mall for his meals.

Mr Wan then lodged a police report saying that Mr Yang took his TraceTogether token.

The Bribery To Escape To Malaysia 

Mr Yang was then interviewed by the police on 24 December 2021.

What a way to spend Christmas eve.

He was told of committing possible offences of cheating by personation. Mr Wan then suggested to Mr Yang that both of them run away and they met up in Hougang.

Mr Yang then took out $100 cash and a packet of cigarettes so that Mr Wan can escape to Malaysia. He added, “Singapore authorities have no authority over you once you exit Singapore, you get to Malaysia right, two governments.”

I don’t know what he’s smoking, too.

Mr Yang also told Mr Wan that if one of them fled, investigations could not resume.

Mr Wan recorded their conversation on his phone and immediately went to the police station afterwards. He had refused to escape as he felt that he did nothing against the law. He said, “If anyone should flee to Malaysia, it should be Yang”.

The Police Investigations

During the interview with the police, Mr Yang admitted that he brought his passport to the police station for investigations and his passport was seized.

He also admitted to being “pitiful” when his statement was recorded, such as claiming that his grandmother was ill.

Maybe he would make a better scriptwriter or actor instead.

But his lies didn’t end there.

On 11 January 2022, Mr Yang lied to the police, saying that the $100 bribery amount was given to Mr Wan as a loan. He added that the cigarettes were given to Mr Wan as he needed to smoke.

The Penalties 

Mr Yang was sentenced on 9 September 2022 to four weeks of jail after he pleaded guilty to obstructing the course of justice. An offender can be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

Mr Wan will be dealt with at a later date.

What a sour relationship this turned out.

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Featured Image: (Dr David Sing)