Naomi Neo Played Another Prank on Her Son, Leading Him to Cry Repeatedly


Naomi Neo is back at it again with another prank on her four-year-old son, Kyzo.

The Singaporean influencer’s family was about to go on a trip to Australia on Friday (9 September) but before leaving, she decided to pull one last prank.


Why would I think he wanted me to give up my seat for him?! 😭 #prank #fyp

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She sat her son down just one day before the trip and slowly broke the news that she had forgotten to purchase tickets for him.

Kyzo was calm at first. “I can sit on your lap,” he says.

But Naomi denies the option as the airline would not allow it.

Then Kyzo shocks Naomi by asking her to ditch the flight.


And it wasn’t because he wanted to take his mother’s seat but because he wanted to stay in Singapore with his parent.

Naomi laughs at how adorable her son was but once again crushes his hopes and denies the option.

This was when Kyzo started to break down and bawl.

“If you go Australia, who will take care of me?”

Naomi then gives Kyzo the option of coming along on the trip but on a different plane. But Kyzo refuses as he was too scared to take the plane alone.

“How can you forget about me?” he cries.

Left with no other option, Kyzo jumps into the open luggage just beside them and tries to fit himself inside.

I guess he really wants to be with his family.

The prank has gotten some mixed feelings from the audience.

Some mentioned how cute the child was behaving but others were worried that this could lead to childhood trauma.

Image: TikTok (naomineo)
Image: TikTok (naomineo)

The video has since garnered over 3.2 million views.

Fortunately, Kyzo did end up going on his family vacation as Naomi uploaded another video of them in Australia a few days after with the caption, “No, we didn’t leave my son behind”.

Well-Mannered Son Despite Getting Pranked On Multiple Times

This isn’t Naomi’s first prank on her kid.

She’s done it before and Kyzo has always reacted quite well.


Just last year, Naomi did a “peanut butter poop” prank on him where she accidentally wipes peanut butter on his hand and tells him it was poop.


Was this prank a fail or success? 😂 #poopprank #fyp #foryoupage

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Instead of getting disgusted or throwing a tantrum, Kyzo just climbs onto the nearby sink to wash it off.

In another prank, she revealed to Kyzo that she needed him to “fight” another woman’s son while she fights the lady.


“Nobody bullies my mommy” 😂 #fightprank #fyp

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Kyzo didn’t hesitate at all and declares, “Nobody bullies my mommy!” before getting a toy hammer and doing some push-ups.


And of course, recently, she drew flak for pranking him with a ghost filter that went viral worldwide.

@naomineo Apologised with tears already 😭 #ghostprank #fyp ♬ suara kuntilanak – solehudin1294

In a recent interview, Naomi revealed that all these videos weren’t preplanned, but she had a good idea of how her son would react.

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Featured Image: TikTok (naomineo)


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