Eatery Made Police Report After Customer Typed ‘Your D*ck Die’ in GrabFood Order


We’ve all heard horror stories about working in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry.

Well, here’s another.

Food delivery platforms have been garnering a lot of popularity these days and some users have been taking advantage of it, be it for getting “refunds” or to pull pranks on restaurants.

One customer decided to try and be funny by sending an order to a Thai restaurant with a message saying, “Your d*ck die,” in Thai in the comments of the order.

The joke wasn’t really that hilarious though and his joke backfired with his order ending up getting cancelled, and with the police involved as well.

The Thai restaurant, 87 Just Thai Killiney, uploaded a picture of the order on Facebook on 9 September.


“We received this order via Grabfood this evening containing expletives in Thai. We do not condone any forms of abuse to our staff members and a police report has been made. No one should be subject to such abuse in the F&B or any other industry,” their post reads.

According to the restaurant, the customer proceeded to threaten the restaurant on the Grab app after the order was cancelled.

The restaurant has since filed a police report and will be leaving it to them to investigate with Grab.

Goody Feed has contacted the Singapore Police Force for more details.

Another Customer Horror Story

In a Facebook post made by a netizen on 13 March 2022, two men allegedly smashed plates in an eatery and were being aggressive and hostile towards the staff.

The restaurant, Fat Po, is located in Tebing Lane.

These two customers ditched the long queue at the restaurant and plopped themselves at whatever available seat, which took some of the staff members aback, but they still proceeded to take down their order as “the customer is always right.”

As if their arrogance wasn’t enough, they proceeded to pull out a cigarette and smoke it despite the staff telling them that it was not allowed. They even brought in a huge bag of satays into the restaurant when it was clear that outside food and drinks were not allowed.

And despite their horrific attitude, the staff still served them their meals. But the customers did not stop there and called the staff to come back to their table.

They proceeded to smash the plates onto the ground because of the “bad service” that they had received.

Thankfully, someone called the police and the two customers went away shortly after.

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Featured Image: Facebook (87 Just Thai Killiney)

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