Man Who Criticized TP’s Death Arrested…For Another Offence

Last Thursday, a Traffic Police officer was killed in a tragic accident on Serangoon Road. The 29-year-old Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin was carrying out traffic patrol duties when the accident occurred.

He was hastily sent to Tan Tock Seng hospital but succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The tragic passing saddened many netizens and also sparked the attention of Mr Amrin Amin, Parliament Secretary for Home Affairs and Health who went to visit Nadzrie’s family to send his condolences.

Senseless human being decided gloat about it

However, unlike most of us, there is always this one insensitive human being that goes around making senseless remarks at times like this in a bid to gain attention, or for some reason unknown to many.

And the title of this dim-witted human being goes to none other than Thomas Chua, a “flight attendant from Singapore Airlines” (that’s what is written on my Facebook profile, anyway) who took to Facebook to ‘play hero’ and gloat about this incident. He even accused the deceased of issuing him a parking ticket – which didn’t happen, by the way.

He was never issued summons by Nadzrie. 

Facebook: Thomas Poh Heng Chua

He also added in one of his comments

Facebook: Thomas Poh Heng Chua

This, of course, angered many Singaporeans because it was an absolutely unnecessary and senseless thing to say especially in the time of someone else’s demise. Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, too, felt that Phua’s comments were ‘sick in the head’. 

In his Facebook post, he wrote

“I was deeply upset and angry about a gloating post that one Thomas Chua has made on Police Officer Nadzrie’s death. Nadzrie died while on duty.

Thomas was gloating about Nadzrie’s death, because Nazdrie had given him a ticket!

People like Thomas are sick in the head. No decency or any sense of right and wrong.

What is a TP officer to do when someone breaks the law? It is because of officers like Nadzrie that the rest of us have safety and security.

Thomas’s comments are an insult to all police officers, and deeply offensive to Nadzrie’s family .

You wonder what human decency people like Thomas have — to be so self-centred, smug and making nasty remarks about an officer who died doing his duty. While there is a completely distraught wife, grieving parents and family, and teammates who are crying.”

But, well, like what they always say – Karma’s a bitch.

Just yesterday, Chua was arrested at Mustafa Shopping Centre for a shop theft. The police said he is also under investigation for three other cases lodged against him since January this year; most of them involving traffic offences. 

In an article from TODAY, according to the police, Chua was seen behaving suspiciously by the shopping centre’s in-house security officers in the early hours of Sunday. He was later arrested for possessing an unpaid item when the security officers conducted a spot check on him.

He has been released on bail but investigations into these cases were still ongoing.

Chua’s Facebook profile has since been deactivated. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Thomas Poh Heng Chua) & Normana Karia

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