Woman Who Trashed Porridge Stall Claimed They Weren’t Drunk, But Just Angry

A few days ago, the kopitiam talk in Singapore was all about a group of people who trashed a porridge stall in Upper Serangoon because of an “expensive” meal—which turned out to be $28.

Common sense would then tell us that it’s highly unlikely that people would go all apeshit over a $28 meal, leading many to speculate that they’re drunk.

After all, people do weird things when they’re drunk, don’t they? Just ask a certain chicken rice owner.

The incident, which happened at around 3:30 a.m. on 27 May 2017, has being caught in CCTV.


In fact, if you watch the video, you’ll also be inclined to think that they were drunk. I mean, look at their strength! Either that, or the porridge could really give them some superpowers.

So, here comes the shocker: in the latest report, the woman involved has contacted Shin Min Daily and gave their side of the story.

Which, well, makes it even weirder.

Here’s what really happened: the woman had ordered the food and paid with a $50 note. Seeing that the dishes come out to $28, she then approached the staff for some reason that was not revealed.

She then alleged that the staff was “rude”, and that sparked the anger in her.

Yeah. Just “rude”. No drinking, no physical contact, no anything.

Apparently, the three of them had been regular customers in the place for almost five to six years. Must have been one heck of a price change, if any, for them wreck the establishment.

The restaurant was back in business the next day, and no one was hurt.

The trio, between the age of 40 to 53, will face up to six months in jail, and / or a fine up to $2,500.

A $28 “rude” meal has just ballooned into a potential $2,500 meal.

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Featured Image: asiaone.com & straitstimes.com

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