In Mar 2018, ALL MRT Stations On The Green Line (EWL) Will Operate Shorter Hours

If you thought that the changes to MRT operating hours are troublesome, then I have some bad news for those of you that can’t wait for it to resume normal operations.

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SMRT has recently announced that there will continue to be changes to the operating hours in March.

This time around, 35 stations on the East-West Line (EWL) will be affected…FYI there are 35 stations on EWL.

Yes, that means all stations are affected.

Commuters will see shorter operating hours on every weekend in March.

This is coz’ maintenance and renewal works are not finished yet.

The extra time will allow several teams to carry out maintenance and rail renewal works at the same time.

“This will also accelerate the implementation of the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system on the EWL by June 2018,” SMRT said.

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According to Channel NewsAsia, the changes to operating hours will include Mar 12 and Mar 14 during the week-long school holiday.

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So for those of you kids who are going out to play, don’t go home too late ah!


Additionally, the shorter operational hours for 10 stations along the EWL on weekends this month will continue until the first weekend in February.
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Currently, there are four shuttle bus services in operations. They will continue their service in February when train services end earlier or start later than usual.
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North-South Line (NSL)

If you think you can siam the changes on the EWL then you are mistaken.

Train service between Orchard and Marina South Pier MRT stations on the NSL will continue to operate at extended intervals of 10-15 minutes after 11pm on Feb 2 and Feb 3.

On Feb 3 and Feb 4, this will also apply before 7am.

In addition to that, from Feb 2 to 4, there will also be no train service between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations on the NSL.

So if you’re heading to those stations then bo bian lorh, have to use EWL.

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What netizens say

This one doesn’t seem so optimistic towards SMRT’s efforts to improve:

Image: CNA Facebook Page

And we have someone giving a lengthy encouragement to all SMRT staff:

Image: CNA Facebook Page

Not sure if you understood, cos I didn’t.


Although I must say such changes will more or less affect my decision to take the MRT, at least they’re not going into full closure for a prolonged period, you know.

So maybe just make some special arrangements (take the bus instead, go home earlier etc) and all problems might be solved.

But if there’s still gonna be breakdowns after all these efforts, I really have got nothing to say liao.

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