YouTuber Mark Wiens Having Own HBO Series to Talk About S’pore Food

Singapore is a small country, but it is one that is filled with lots of delectable cuisines that leaves you spoilt for choice.

How do you know which is the next spot to visit with your friends when there are so many options around? Well, we turn to food experts or vloggers.

If you are constantly on the lookout for the best food to eat, you might want to check out the Food Affair with Mark Wiens on HBO which premieres on 18 November 2022.

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Yes, that Mark Wiens.

Lest you’ve not heard of him…

Who is Mark Wiens? 

Mark Wiens is a US YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers who’s now based in Thailand with his wife. He is known to share his love for street food that he encounters for the first time.

He was in Singapore recently to try out many hawker foods, and if you’re hungry, I suggest you to skip them if not you might just drop everything and head to a hawker centre now.

In the Food Affair with Mark Wiens series, he will deepen his understanding of Singapore’s dynamic food culture, acquainting himself not only with Singapore’s popular street food but its fine dining experiences as well.

In other words, contents that make you even hungrier.

About the Food Affair with Mark Wiens 

This is the first non-scripted food series hosted by Mark as he untells stories, personalities and history behind Singapore’s smorgasbord of delicacies. There are six episodes in this series so don’t worry if you dislike draggy shows.

The episodes are released every Friday from 18 November 2022.

Image: HBO GO

Each episode features a star-studded panel of guests comprising a fine-dining chef, a culinary veteran, and a hawker hero. Mark will uncover the artistry and stories, as well as the distinct and rich culinary heritage of Singapore’s gourmet paradise.

Mark said, “It was a huge honour to be a part of the Food Affair series. I am immensely thankful for this opportunity and grateful to everyone who has made it possible.”

Partnership with Singapore Tourism Board and Warner Bros 

Food Affair with Mark Wiens kickstarts a three-year partnership between the Singapore Tourism Board and Warner Bros.

We will see both parties collaborate on a suite of entertainment and lifestyle content to inspire travelling to Singapore.

Unfortunately, you will FOMO if you do not have HBO GO as this is a series exclusively available there.

Fret not, you can subscribe to HBO GO for S$9.99 a month, Lest you’re unware, it’s a streaming service much like Netflix.

Alternatively, you can also access HBO GO via StarHub, Singtel and meWatch. HBO GO is also available on Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV—and comes with AirPlay and Google Cast functionality.

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