Married Man Who Wanted ex-GF to Abort Baby Got Stabbed In AMK Lift

This is probably not the best way to end both an affair and a break up. 

A man was recently stabbed in a lift in Ang Mo Kio by his ex-girlfriend days after they broke up. The incident happened on Saturday (Jun 10) at Block 203, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

The man was on his way to the third floor when he saw his girlfriend there. Residents who were interviewed by Shin Min Daily News also told the paper that they heard a heated argument prior to that.

The man was going to a friend’s house to return a mobile phone and did not expect her be at Ang Mo Kio. When both of them got into a lift, the woman requested to still remain as friends but the man refused. She then took out a knife that was around 4-5 cm long and stabbed him. 


She was pregnant and was told to abort the child

It was later found out that the woman was already three months pregnant when she confronted the man. She also recently found out that the man she had been dating for the past four months was already married, and shared a son with his current wife and a 6-year-old daughter with an ex-girlfriend. 


He also demanded her to go for an abortion.

“He initially told me that he hoped I give birth to a healthy baby, but then wanted an abortion when he suddenly got back together with his ex-girlfriend.”

The woman also admitted to stabbing the man in self-defense.

“On the day of the incident, I was intending to head out with four other friends, when he suddenly attacked me. He hit me and kicked me in the stomach. He also pulled my hair and banged my head against a lift door thrice. I bit him in self defence. Amidst the chaos, I took a knife from my friend and accidentally cut his arm.”

The woman eventually turned herself in for the sake of her unborn child. She also revealed that she was suffering from depression.

However, the man provided almost a completely different story 

In spite of the woman’s confessions, the man provided a completely different story. The man insisted that on the day of the attack, only him and the woman were present.

He also admitted to breaking up with her last Thursday, but did not expect her to turn violent. The woman also had a bad temper and often exhibited violent tendencies towards him.

“She would bicker with me over the most trivial issues and hit me. She also slapped me and threatened to kill herself! Hope the police arrest her soon, so I can take a sigh of relief.”

Regardless of who is speaking the truth, one thing we know for sure is to never fool around and get someone pregnant when you are already married.

And worst, force her to get an abortion as though you can just wash your hands off your responsibilities with just an abortion procedure. 

Seriously, what did you expect her reaction to be? 

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