Mashed Potatoes Are So Yesterday. Try Mashed Big Mac with Ice Cream Instead

At the cutting edge of fusion cuisine, Mankind may have opened the culinary version of Pandora’s Box. And after all the evils have escaped the box, what was left inside was not hope, but the abomination we now know as the Big Mac Ice Cream.

Take a look at the video yourself.

Big Mac Ice-Cream 🍔🍦 Tag someone who'd eat this 👇

Posted by Love Food on Monday, 6 February 2017

Some wise guy must have thought to himself, since we love cheeseburgers, and we love ice cream, why not put them together?

I wish somebody had stopped him. Maybe scientists in the future would invent the time machine just to go back and stop him. MIT, please get on it.

While it is true that we all love cheeseburgers, and we all love ice cream, some things are not meant to be together. Like wasabi and ice cream. Or chilli and ice cream. You know what, just stop trying to put weird things into ice cream (I’m looking at you, Japan).

Looking at how well-practised the person in the video appeared, it seems that was not the first time they made this monstrosity. Why?

Has science gone too far? Why has God forsaken us?

(Ok shhhh, don’t tell anyone but I actually wanna try some of that. Stop looking at me like that, dammit.)

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