Company Charged for Making Over 430K Surgical Masks Without Licence


Masks. In today’s world, you can’t get enough of them.

As the main tool that most Singaporeans use to ward off the virus, I don’t think anyone will say that they’re not important in today’s society.

And although most masks may look similar or even identical, you should definitely check where your masks come from. Yes, even if you’re desperate to just get something over your face before you head out.

Because you may never know if the masks are actually going to help protect you from catching COVID-19 or not. Yes, even if you’re buying masks from a local brand.

First N-Lab Charged With Illegally Producing Masks

On 21 January, First N-Lab, a Singaporean firm, was charged with one charge under the Health Product Act (HPA) for illegally producing masks. They had produced over 430,000 three-ply masks under the brand “N-Lab” from October 2020 to April last year.

According to the HPA, in order to produce health products in Singapore, firms or individuals must hold a valid manufacturer’s licence and the manufacture of the health product must be carried out in accordance with the conditions of the licence as well.

The firm, located at 31 Woodlands Grove, also sold its masks through online platforms such as Shopee, although the page shows that they no longer have any products on sale.

The page has two five-star reviews, which is either incredibly ironic or an indication that the marketing team didn’t do that great of a job.

On its Shopee seller’s page, First N-Lab, it is stated that the firm “was born as part of the shareholders’ greater efforts and #SGUnited to facilitate Singapore in becoming a more self-reliant and self-sustaining country in medical support.”

Well, I don’t think we can be very united with them now.

Its Facebook page also claimed that they “manufacture medical grade surgical masks that are responsibly and reliably produced- 100% locally made in Singapore”. The page has since been deleted.

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According to CNA, the company intends to plead guilty and will do so in February.

By manufacturing a health product without a manufacturer’s licence, an individual can be jailed up to two years, fined up to $50,000, or both. In cases like this where a corporation is involved, the maximum fine can be doubled.

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Featured Image: Facebook (N-LAB)