Man Received Fried Chicken That Looked Like They’re Half Eaten by Someone Else During NYE

Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve with your friends and instead of cooking your annual steamboat, you decided to order some chicken. After patiently waiting for over three hours, your chicken has finally arrived, seemingly half-eaten, although you paid full price for them.

Although this seemed like a nightmare delivery situation you wished to never encounter, a group of people in Singapore actually went through that on New Year’s Eve.

Man Received Fried Chicken That Looked Like They’re Half Eaten by Someone Else During NYE

A post has just gone viral on the Facebook group, Complaint Singapore, featuring seven images.

In these images, it shows the receipt, the WhatsApp conversation between the staff and the customer, and the photo of the allegedly half-eaten chicken.

The Facebook user has tagged Max’s All About Chicken, a fast food joint at Asian Food Mall Stall and Lucky Plaza that specialised in affordable chicken with various international flavours.

Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)

In the receipt, the customer ordered a six-piece chicken and eight-piece chicken set but the focus of the complaint was on the six-piece chicken set.

The order was placed on 31 Dec 2021 and the delivery time was supposed to be 5.30pm to 6pm. However, due to the influx of orders on the last day of 2021, the delivery was delayed for three hours.

But that wasn’t all.

WhatsApp Conversations

The customer has initially failed to get in contact with someone from the store and therefore had to resort to WhatsApp.

Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)

At 6.46pm, the customer was informed that their order was still at the store. The customer proceeded to tell the person behind Max’s All About Chicken that they were being irresponsible for pushing the blame to one another.

The staff apologised and said they will book the driver at 6.50pm.

The story would have ended here if the staff actually booked the driver and delivered the item…but they did not.

The customer came back in the chat at 8pm to demand for their order. At this point, it would be easier for them to just head down to the nearest McDonald’s and have Chicken McCrispy instead.

Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)

The customer then wanted a refund, so naturally, the staff read their messages and ignored them. After spamming the chat, the staff finally replied at 8.22pm, saying that they had booked a driver (again?).

Finally Received the Chicken

After a three-hour delay, the customer finally received the chicken at 9.23pm but this time, there was a new problem.

Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)

The chicken looked butchered and even half-eaten. The customer went back into the chat, sent photos of the chicken and asked, “This is your 6 piece set?”

Maybe the customer wasn’t asking lah but who cares.

The staff apologised again and said if they order tomorrow, they will give them another chicken. When asked about the replacement, the staff simply said, “No replacement madam.”

Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)
Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)

Netizens Chipped In 

The post gathered over 101 comments and 473 shares, and ome of the netizens said the chicken looked like it was previously frozen and fried multiple times over a couple of days before serving, which explained why it looked liked it was half-eaten.

Suddenly, the annual steamboat doesn’t look that bad anymore.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jason Leong)