McDonald’s Has Brought Back McPepper & Scrambled Egg Burger

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Missing the fluffiness of scrambled eggs in the mornings? Or maybe you need some spice in your life?

McDonald’s is bringing back the McPepper and Scrambled Egg Burger, together with new Pokemon-themed packaging.

Return of the Scrambled Egg Burger and McPepper

Scrambled eggs are the ultimate breakfast food, which means the Scrambled Egg Burger is the perfect way to start your day.

McDonald’s just brought their fluffy scrambled eggs back to their menu, pairing them perfectly with a tender sausage patty and soft buns.

Good things come in threes, which means that the beloved McPepper is also back on the menu, together with super-cute Pokemon-themed packaging.

The McPepper first made its debut in September 2021, and it’s back with surprises in tow after a year.

McDonald-Pokemon Collaboration

Who needs social media advertising when your eagle-eyed fans can do the work for you?

TikTok user spotted some promotional Pokemon décor at McDonald’s outlets at Changi City Point and Bedok Mall. Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale also posted about a décor seen at V Hotel Lavender McDonald’s.

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The official McDonald’s Facebook page also promoted the McPepper meal:

The advertisement features the McPepper in a Charizard-themed wrapper. It also boasts an Eevee-packaged pulut hitam pie, which made us realise that their colour schemes are actually pretty similar for the first time. Hopefully, no Eevees were harmed in the making of the pies…

There are also Pikachu and Scorbunny-themed cups filled with Teh C frappe, as well as a side of fries.

I guess we all know what we’re having for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

You can watch this video to know why fast-food chains have limited-edition items instead of making them permanent:


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