M’sia Now Also Has Its Own ‘NDP Middle-Finger Boy’ in Yesterday’s M’sia NDP


He’s an icon, he’s a legend, he’s the boy who pointed a middle finger on live television during Malaysia’s National Day Parade (NDP) yesterday, on 31 August.

What makes it possibly redeemable though, is the fact that he was likely trying to do the Korean finger heart, but struggled and instead accidentally flipped the audience off.

Reader: But the finger heart doesn’t even use the middle finger?

Good point.

Reader: And isn’t kind of hard to lift on its own if you’re not trying to?


Deliberate or not, we’re just glad our local NDP middle-finger boy found his twin from across the causeway, three years after the legendary incident occurred.

The Video Went Viral

One of the parade attendees who was at the brunt of the boy’s innocently hostile gesture recorded the entire incident down.

It was then uploaded to the TikTok and Facebook page of Saje Share Media, and gained thousands of views and comments from thoroughly-entertained users before it was taken down.

The footage features said boy and another young girl in firemen attire, sitting on a boat from Malaysia’s Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia as it parades down the road.

parade middle finger
Image: Saje Share Media

The girl, channelling her inner aegyo, confidently does the finger heart the correct way.


parade middle finger

The boy beside her, who woke up and chose violen—I mean, who didn’t know how to do the gesture, precariously raises his middle finger up instead and stares blankly at the audience.

It didn’t take long for the officer behind him to realise what was happening, so he steps in and quickly pulls down his hand, trying to contain his own laughter as he did so.

parade middle finger

The girl then flashes him a “How did you manage to mess that up?” look and carries on waving her flag because the show must go on.
SM Entertainment, you might want to reach out.

Netizens Expressed their Amusement

Before you start wondering how we could let this gem of a video disappear from the internet forever, don’t worry, we gotchu.

Another TikTok user who was there at the scene managed to capture the priceless moment from her seat, and it has gained 2.7 million views at the time of writing.


hm salah tu dik 😭😭 tekojot tengok mini lope kau dik🥹 #merdeka #dataranmerdeka #merdeka65

♬ original sound – 10% – 10%

“The kid was like ‘I thought this was a sign of love?’ 😂😂😂,” one user wrote.

“He better be going places,” another commented.

Well, he probably doesn’t have to go for counselling like our local middle-finger boy, but we sure hope he gets a shot with the firefighting department in the future.


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Featured Image: Singapore NDP 2017 press, TikTok (@zettygonzaless)