McDonald’s Happy Meals Now Have Super Cute DC Characters


From now until the 15th of June 2022, McDonalds will be giving out uber adorable DC character toys with every purchase of their Happy Meal. 

A part of the campaign for the DC League of Super-Pets movie coming out on the 28th of July, the toys feature various iconic DC characters like Batman and Flash, as well as the members of the Legion of the Super-Pets from the DC Comics that are gonna be adapted into the movie. 

The toys look to be made out of a soft material, possibly felt. 

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Characters & Release Date:

12 May – 18 May: Batman and Super Ace

19 May – 25 May: Green Lantern and Super Chip

26 May – 1 June: Wonder Woman and Lulu

2 June – 8 June: Flash and Super Merton 

9 June – 15 June: Superman and Super Krypto

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Featured Image: McDonald’s