S’porean Claims Taxi Driver Tried to ‘Kill’ Him in His Airbnb Home in Bali


Singaporean Tiktok user @pale.nerves, who goes by “Kai”, recently posted a bone-chilling Tiktok video claiming that he and his friends were nearly killed by their taxi driver on their vacation to Bali.

@pale.nervesmfker rly tried to climb over our Villa walls 🤪🤪♬ original sound – ☆

In a storytime-style video, Kai explained how their friend group were “dead drunk” after their night in the club, and their “designated driver”, too, had fallen asleep. 

@pale.nerves Reply to @riyayacaca ♬ original sound – Kai 💧

Apparently, when they reached their villa, their driver asked them for $40 SGD, instead of the original stipulated price of SGD $10.

Given that they did not have that amount, they just gave him all the money they had. However, the driver insisted that they “pay full amount” in spite of how “unreasonable” it was.

Since the group could not do that, they decided to just leave and go into the villa. Apparently, the driver ran after them, even banging on their villa’s door at some point in a terrifying horror-movie-esque moment. 

Attempted Invasion

However, when he eventually left, the group thought that that would be the end of the ordeal. That was until Kai went out to the courtyard to get his phone two hours later, and he heard noise outside, like people discussing something. 

He then saw the same taxi driver trying to scale the wall of their villa, which wasn’t that high in the first place, making it even more terrifying. What made it even worse was that the taxi driver wasn’t alone – he had companions with him. Thankfully, once they spotted Kai, they fled the scene.

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Yeah, it’s giving Get Out (2017).

So that’s what the group did. 

The group got out of the villa first thing in the morning, after Kai stayed up doing lookout the whole night to make sure the taxi driver didn’t come back.

Stranger Danger

Tiktok commenters recounted similar experiences, warning tourists never to get into cabs that aren’t light blue, and to book Grab and Gojek cabs instead.

They also warned tourists never to follow or listen to strangers that come up to them. 

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Featured Image: Tiktok (@pale.nerves)