Sharon Au Has Quit Her Director Position in Paris After Her House Got Burgled

Sharon Au, a 46-year old ex-Mediacorp actress/hostess, has now moved on from her private equity investment firm director position in Paris after her house was ransacked by burglars.

In a post dated the 11th of May, Au recounted the harrowing experience, where “they took everything [she] love[d]”, leaving her with “nothing now”.


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However, to her relief, her cat, Rudon, was left behind. “They did not take the love of my life, the one thing that money cannot buy- Rudon. He was alone in the apartment and witnessed everything. 

“Today he is still traumatised by the invasion. Even the slightest sound startles him now. I thank God that he is safe, unhurt, and did not run away. He waited for me to come home.”

“Starting from zero. Again. This is life,” she concluded.

Au kept faithful to that promise, resigning from her job to, according to her statement from The Straits Times, “heal first and re-evaluate life here in France”. 

Not the First Break-In

She also posted an Instagram story of her cat next to a French policeman, possibly searching her home for evidence.

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Now, this is the second time Au’s home in Paris has been broken in. The first time was in 2018, when she was living in a rented Airbnb. Her backpack and laptop were stolen, but her cash was left alone.

Then, she was a lot calmer about the situation, resigning herself to the “okay, this is Paris,” mentality. She had accepted that the safety hazards would be part-and-parcel of her dreamy Parisian life. 

However, clearly, the damages she sustained this time round were a lot more substantial, and so she requires much longer recovery time from the crisis.

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