McDonald’s S’pore is No Longer Serving Sweet & Sour Sauce Due to Lack of Demand

If there’s one thing that Singaporeans love, it’s food.

And I’m sure that many readers here are fans of McDonald’s (which, BTW, has recently brought back its Quarter Pounder With Cheese burger.)

And many would probably say that the fast food giant’s sauces are integral to making its food taste good.

But it seems like someone in the McDonald’s management team doesn’t feel the same, for the company recently announced they have pulled its Sweet & Sour Sauce at all its stores in Singapore.

Well, isn’t that saucy news?

Here’s why they did so.

Netizen Found Out After Two Outlets Told Him About It

In the Toa Payoh Makan Places – Your Toa Payoh Food Guide Facebook group, a Facebook user named Kelvin Ooi uploaded a photo of his Big Mac meal (and shocking discovery about the removal of the Sweet & Sour Sauce from McDonald’s menu).

“Requested my favourite sweet [&] sour sauce but staff say [that there will be] no more sweet [&] sour sauce going forward,” he explained in the post dated 31 January.

He then continued with a “Huh?!?!” in his caption, which I’m sure is the exact reaction that many of us had upon hearing the news about the sauce’s retirement as well.

Image: Facebook (Kelvin Ooi)

According to the post, he was informed about the sauce’s discontinuation at the Toa Payoh Central outlet.

In addition, he also revealed that he was told the same thing when he requested the Sweet & Sour Sauce at an outlet in Kallang sometime ago.

The netizen then concluded his post by saying that he hopes that the sauce’s absence from stores is only a “marketing gimmick”.

He also added that he would be disappointed and sad if the sauce has actually been discontinued for good.

McDonald’s Confirmation

Sadly, it seems like this netizen’s worst fears have come true, for McDonald’s has since said that the Sweet & Sour Sauce has indeed been pulled from its outlets in Singapore.

When speaking to MS News, a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed that the “is no longer available” at McDonald’s stores in Singapore.

However, the spokesperson did mention that the chain’s Curry and BBQ Sauces will still be available for patrons to enjoy, and I can already hear the Curry and BBQ Sauce fans heaving a massive sigh of relief.

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Apart from that, it seems like the Sweet & Sour sauce has been gone from McDonald’s menu for longer than we thought it has.

A post dated 11 January 2023 showed that McDonald’s replied to a query about the lack of Sweet & Sour Sauce in its outlets last month.

Image: McDonald’s

The reply, which was posted on McDonald’s FAQ page, explained that McDonald’s “no longer [serves] sweet & sour sauce due to demand”.

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Featured Image: Carousell + Facebook (McDonald’s)