Food Delivery Rider Slammed for Complaining That Customer Just Gave Him $0.90 Tip


Over this rainy 15-day CNY period, many of us remain in the comfort of our homes, enjoying the company of relatives over for reunion meals amidst the pitter patter of the pouring rain on our windows. 

However, little attention is being paid to our unsung heroes, the food delivery riders we bank on to deliver our food dry and warm. These riders brave the rain and arrive soaking wet at our doorstep. 

This leads one to the question—should we tip delivery riders? And if so, how much is deemed acceptable?

Is 90 Cents Too Little for a Tip?

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Just yesterday, on 1 February, Tiktok user Zack_sleeping posted a video, where he held 90 cents worth of 20 and 10 cent coins in his palm.

The video included a caption that stated “please learn tip rules in Singapore”. He was likely implying that 90 cents as a tip is too little. 

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The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 35,000 views as of today, 2 February.

Netizens did not react well to his comment, with a large majority of netizens commenting on his video with a view opposed to his.


Based on the comments, many netizens are of the opinion that he should not be complaining about the tip being small as it is already a non-compulsory, appreciative gesture by the customer. 

One user commented, “for those wondering what the tip rule is, don’t tip,” garnering over 500 likes, while another user commented “I only know this rule: be appreciative [as] nobody owes you a living.”


However, some commenters shared a similar viewpoint to the rider’s.

“With this current era and high cost of living, 90 cents is absolutely nothing. Might as well not give anything,” user Kingkacangkapal quipped.

Another user, KungfuPanda, wrote “Siao, Give 90cent, might as well don’t give.”


Many other users also commented about their lack of knowledge of this supposed “tip rule” that the rider mentioned in the video.

This is not the first time tipping was a topic for debate in Singapore.

Previous Incident in November 2022

Earlier in November 2022, another rider’s Facebook post went viral after he complained over only receiving a single $2 tip despite having made countless deliveries in the pouring rain the entire day.

Image: Facebook (Gary Liew)

However, in similar fashion, this rider had also been humbled by netizens, who reminded him that he should be appreciative of what he had received, even if he perceived it as under-tipping.

Does Tipping Culture in Singapore Exist?

Tipping culture is largely nonexistent in Singapore. Apart from the 10% mandatory service charge when eating out at restaurants, the habit of tipping others is largely not cultivated amongst Singaporeans.

However, there is perhaps a chance that we may start developing a culture of tipping in Singapore.

Delivery app Grab has a function on the app for customers to tip their delivery riders varying amounts of money, depending on customers’ generosity and ability to afford.


Meanwhile, delivery app Deliveroo allows customers to opt for a function known as a “Restaurant tip”, where customers can tip their favourite restaurants.

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