McDonald’s Having New Peri Peri Shaker Fries from Today (30 Dec) Onwards

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When it comes to peri peri, none can do it better than Nando’s; well, they’ve got to keep a lookout because a strong competitor has appeared on the scene.

In two days’ time, 2022 is arriving and McDonald’s is starting the year off with a hot bang.

Calling out to all Portuguese and spicy lovers, the iconic Peri Peri flavour has landed in Singapore’s favourite fast-food restaurant.

McDonald’s Having New Peri Peri Shaker Fries from Today (30 Dec) Onwards

McDonald’s has pretty much upped their game with the iconic shaker fries.

Seaweed, mala, pizza…you name it, they probably had it, all to elevate the humble french fries we need with every burger.

And on 30 Dec 2021, the Peri Peri Flavoured McShaker™ Fries will be added to the menu.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

We all know that contrasting flavours are all the rage right now; sweet and sour pork, salted caramel ice cream, fried chicken ice cream, and more.

With the Peri Peri McShaker Fries, you’ll be guaranteed the same thing according to the folks at McDonald’s.

Here’s how they described the new flavour:

Enjoy the ‘shiok’ heat and citrusy undertones from our crispy golden fries tossed in a special blend of paprika, parsley flakes and other herbs and spices.

It’s so good they guarantee you won’t be able to stop at one. No joke.

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The Peri Peri McShaker Fries is available both a la carte (S$3.50 each) or as part of an Extra Value Meal (top up S$0.80 to get it).

The new shaker fries come in a package with fan favourite McSpicy, guaranteed to make you run…for the toilet.

You can get a set with Large fries and Medium Coke from just S$8.50.

Not a part of the #ForeverAlone crowd? That’s okay because they have a 2X Value Meal deal for you.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

From just S$17.70, you can get your hands on two sets of value meals consisting of:

  • 1x McSpicy + Peri Peri McShaker Fries (L) + Coke Original Taste Less Sugar (M)
  • 1x McCrispy + Peri Peri McShaker Fries (L) + Coke Original Taste Less Sugar (M)

Just take note that McCrispy is not available at McDonald’s Shell Tampines, McDonald’s Shell Havelock, McDonald’s Clementi Ave 3, McDonald’s Parklane and McDonald’s Tampines Kiosk.


For those who can’t handle their spice, top-up S$1 (limited time only) to change your drink to a Mocha Frappé.

After all, nothing relieves the pain of spice like dairy products, no?

More Deals Ahead

Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration if you’re not given tons of discounts, right?

Well, you’re not the only one thinking this way. McDonald’s feels the same way too, which is why they’re bringing out the big guns for the start of 2022.

The iconic McDelivery Fest is back again, this time with deals such as Free Items, 1-for-1 deals, early access, 50% off and free delivery.

To get your paws on this goodness, simply register for a McDelivery account and give permission to be sent marketing materials.


When the time is right, you’ll receive promo codes that you can use to order your favourite fast food items.

You can visit here to get the process kickstarted.

New Breakfast McSaver

The famous McGriddles might no longer be in Singapore but that doesn’t mean no one’s going to McDonald’s for their breakfast.

For long-time fans of McDonald’s breakfast, you’ll be psyched to know they’ve added a new breakfast McSaver to the menu.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

From just S$4.50, you can enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee or tea, a hash brown and a Chicken Muffin with Egg.


Imagine sinking your teeth into this before you get into the daily grind of work. Mmmmm.

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