McDonald’s Taking Over KFC & Pizza Hut in Our Tampines Hub, Its 11th Outlet in Tampines


People living in Tampines, heads up as another McDonald’s outlet will be heading your way.

The new outlet, which is set to take over KFC and Pizza Hut Express in Our Tampines Hub will open to the public soon.

This will make it the 11th McDonald’s outlet in Tampines.

Outlet Recruiting Staff

Followers from the Facebook page, I Love Tampines, shared a recruitment brochure for the outlet.

Job openings for both full-time and part-time crew were present.

Full-timers can expect to earn upwards of $2,050 per month, meanwhile, part-timers can be expected to be paid $9.50 per hour.

Some Netizens pointed out the increment in the part-time pay, with one saying that he used to earn only $6.50 when he was working part-time for McDonald’s back in 2015.

Benefits will also be available to employees of the franchise. They include medical benefits, annual leaves, restaurant incentives, employee discounts and employee meals.

Netizens Amused by Outlets in Tampines

In the comment section of the Facebook page, Netizens pointed out the huge amount of McDonald’s outlets in Tampines.

One Netizen even listed them out as follows:

  • Tampines Mall
  • Tampines Central 1
  • Tampines Bus Interchange
  • Tampines Ave 2 (Shell Drive-thru)
  • Tampines Mart
  • Tampines East CC
  • Tampines West CC
  • Tampines Green View
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Eastpoint Mall
  • Our Tampines Hub (Opening Soon)

If we include Our Tampines Hub in the list of McDonalds in Tampines, the area would have 11 outlets.

For context, Singapore has 136 outlets according to its Linkedin page. This simply shows just how many outlets Tampines alone has.

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