McDonald’s Thailand Is Now Selling Bubble Milk Tea Float for S$2.70; Available Till 14 Jan 2020

Can you even be called an Asian if you don’t like bubble tea?

As one of our modern signature beverages, the Taiwan-born heavenly sweetness is the one true love that eliminates racism and unifies Asia.

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And by the way, do you know that there’s a “secret” ingredient that makes it so addictive, and it’s nothing to do with the pearls? Watch this and you’ll understand:

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There has been no lack of business tricks to leverage our boba love, such as free-flow bubble tea at a Chinese hotpot restaurant and a bubble milk tea mochi from Taiwan available at Sheng Siong.

Other countries are in on it as well, such as French fries with boba pearls in the Philippines.

Okay, that one is a bit weird.

But yet another country is getting something new as well.

McDonald’s Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea

No gimmicks, just good ol’ brown sugar milk tea.

Image: Instagram (@punproxl)

And brown sugar bubble milk tea… FLOAT.

Talk about diabetes.

But sign me up for it anyway, the kidney dialysis is worth it.

As if you needed another reason to like going to Thailand, the Land of Smiles is earning its name once more.

Add McDonald’s bubble tea float to the long list of reasons that makes Thailand one of the best countries in Asia.

  • Pretty girls
  • Pretty girls(?)
  • Bangkok shopping
  • Tuktuk
  • Phuket nightlife
  • Floating markets
  • McDonald’s Bubble Tea Float

There we go.

20 Cents Ice Cream

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

The regular brown sugar bubble tea costs 55 baht (~$2.50) currently while the float costs 60 baht (~$2.70).

Yes, that delicious ice cream just costs 20 cents more.

Image: Instagram (@punproxl)


I think there’s no debate here on which to get unless you really hate floats.

In that case, the floating markets probably aren’t your thing either.

Image: Tenor

Regardless, this new attraction doesn’t last very long, so if you want to fly over to grab a cup, be sure to do so by 14 January 2020.


If you’re having school holidays now, no more excuses never mind, the flight prices are crazy.

But if you had already planned a trip to Thailand beforehand, lucky you. Let us know how it is.

Meanwhile, we can only sit, wait, and pray that McDonald’s decides to bring it to Singapore while we sip on our:

  • Koi
  • GongCha
  • LiHo
  • Sharetea
  • Tiger Sugar
  • Each A Cup
  • The Alley
  • HeyTea
  • XinFuTang
  • Milksha

and… okay you know what? We’re fine.

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