McNuggets Actually Has 4 Different Shapes & It’s Confirmed by McDonald’s

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Just like hotdogs, McNuggets are delicious yet incredibly mysterious foods; no one knows what they’re actually made of, and we’re scared to find out.

You’ve probably seen videos on social media of pink slime oozing out of machines in factories supposedly making these beloved McNuggets, but McDonald’s has repeatedly debunked those claims.

So, maybe we will never really know what’s inside these tasty treats. But we’ve recently learnt something else about these nuggets that will change life as we know it:

McNuggets Actually Has 4 Different Shapes & It’s Confirmed by McDonald’s

The next time you buy some McNuggets to accompany you for your Netflix binge at 2am, be prepared to take a second look at your snack, literally. 

In 2014, when people were still singing Sia’s Chandelier in their living rooms, McDonald’s Canada revealed to Business Insider how they actually make their McNuggets.

And in doing so, they dropped a bombshell: our McNuggets come in four different shapes. 

Now, we’re not talking about squares, rectangles, or even rhombuses, of course.

According to Business Insider, the nuggets come in four distinct shapes: the bell, the ball, the boot, and the bow tie (also called the bone).

Image: Facebook (Curtis Dykes)

I’ll give you a few seconds for your heart to resume beating.

I’m not sure what bells and bones the people of McDonald’s have been looking at, but these do not look like bells and bones to me. With the exception of the boot, they all just look like nuggets. 

Even so, why are they made in four shapes?

Well, according to McDonald’s Canada,  the mysterious mixture is “pressed out with a rolling cookie cutter” before the frying process.

They all come in a standard shape and size so as to ensure consistent cooking times for food safety in all McDonald’s restaurants, the company said.

But the different shapes may also be for the younger consumers of the popular fast-food chain.

Why just four?


Well, according to McDonald’s Canada, “three would’ve been too few. Five would’ve been, like, wacky.”

Of course. Five different shapes of McNuggets would be insane. Four is just fine.

After the nuggets are shaped with the cookie-cutter, they are soaked in two layers of batter and then fried until partially cooked.

Next, the nuggets are frozen and then packaged for shipping to McDonald’s restaurants where they will be fully cooked, waiting to enter the mouths of hungry customers.

You really do learn something every day. Aren’t you glad you clicked on this article?

Reader: *eating McNuggets* Did you say something?

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

You really have a problem, dear reader.

And by the way, if you want to know how fast-food chains trick you to buy more even when you’re full, watch this video to the end:


Featured Image: Facebook (Makoto Broad)

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