Pornsak Suddenly Left Live Streaming Company That He Started With Addy Lee & Michelle Chia


As 2023 starts with a bang, many surprises come our way and here’s another one.

Pornsak Suddenly Left Live Streaming Company That He Started With Addy Lee & Michelle Chia

On 2 January, award-winning TV personality Pornsak Prajakwit took to Instagram to abruptly announce his departure from the Mdada team. 

He was one of the three founding celebrities of the only e-commerce multi-channel live-streaming company in Southeast Asia in September 2020. He is now saying goodbye to his project. 

“I have left Mdada,” he wrote. 

Moving on, he wistfully shared his experiences in the company over the past 2.5 years. 

He did not mention why he chose to leave the e-commerce service company in the post. 

Ending off, he mentioned his aspirations for the coming year. Continuing as a live streamer, he wants to be one with “a personal touch” and an entertainer that people can trust. 

Also, he aims to “hone (his) skills as a TCM doctor and continue spreading joy through his hosting gigs.

Since then, many have shown support for his brave step and gratitude for his work.

The Truth? 

As with every sudden leave, there’s a juicy backstory. 

Apparently, Pornsak left because of conflicts with the other co-owners, Michelle Chia and Addy Lee. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, the actor and host said because of the age gap between him and the other two, there were differences between them.

To be clear, he is 41 years old this year, and Michelle and Addy are 47 and 51, respectively. 

He shared that when they were live streaming in Korea in November 2022, he realised that friendship and professional work were immiscible, so he wanted to pull out before their relationship fragmented. 

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More About Pornsak

Pornsak is a Thai-Chinese actor who has won multiple awards at the Star Awards, such as the Best Variety Show Host in 2015 and Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Entertainer in Asia from 2015 to 2017. 


He began his Mediacorp job in 2007 and left in early 2021 to join Michelle Chong’s artiste management agency, Left Profile. 

Although he has left Mdada, we’re sure he’ll continue to soar.

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Featured Image: Left Profile + Mdada Live