S’pore Celebrity FB Livestreamers Mdada Earned Almost $4 Million Revenue in 2 Months


Much like an innate aversion to cockroaches, almost everyone has a Facebook account.

It’s the place where we stalk our friends, stalk celebrities, and stalk our former lover who dumped us after we spoiled the ending of Squid Game for them.

Reader: That last one was oddly specific

But Facebook isn’t just a place to catch up with old pals; some people are now using it to make money, and lots of money at that.

S’pore Celebrity FB Livestreamers Earned Almost $4 Million Revenue in 2 Months

A local celebrity Facebook livestream venture has reportedly raked in nearly $4 million in revenue in just two months.

Mdada, which sounds like your baby’s first word, was founded last year during the pandemic by Michelle Chia, Pornsak, and hairstylist Addy Lee.

They live-streamed their first auction in September 2020 and went on to set up 11 livestreaming studios across Singapore. Since its founding, Mdada has garnered five million livestream views, with more than 28,000 followers. The company currently has 30 employees.


Mdada now boasts S$500,000 in weekly revenue and reportedly generated S$3.9 million in August and September in revenue this year.

What They Sell

From Fila handheld fans worth to paper-based laundry detergent, Mdada sells and gives away almost anything and everything you can think of. They also sell beauty products and even cars.

The most expensive item they’ve sold so far was a Rolex Daytona Green Dial worth $120,000.

Depending on the product, the company will get around 20% to 30% of the sale in commissions.


Speaking to CNBCPornsak said the key to their success is making their livestreams entertaining.

“You need to plan your show, because this is not just selling, this is info-tainment. Entertainment needs to be high, and that can be very challenging because sometimes even I myself run out of ideas.”

The trio has also had to work hard to achieve success, though; Pornsak said he once livestreamed for 12 consecutive hours.

A Booming Business

Many celebrities have turned to livestreaming amidst the pandemic, due to restrictions halting film and TV production.

Some Chinese celebrities, such as Angelababy, have turned to livestreaming for this very reason.

These livestream sellers typically sell clothing items and beauty products, but some have sold more outlandish items, like a rocket launch service, and for millions of dollars at that.

With more and more celebrities turning to the livestream business, don’t be surprised if you see Donald Trump one day selling makeup on Facebook.

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