You Might be Breaking the Law When You Take Uber or Grab with Young Kids

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Here’s the catch: Young kids are not allowed onto Grab or Uber. If your Grab or Uber driver refuses to take you when you’re accompanied by young children, don’t be shocked.

It’s not because they dislike kids. Your driver is merely following a law, something that not all of us are aware of. And by new, we meant newly discovered because the law has been in place for quite some time.

Road Traffic Act

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is illegal for private hire cars, which include Grab and Uber, to carry passengers under 1.35m without a booster seat or a child restraint. (Yes, it exists.)

Private cars do not ply roads for passengers but are hired under a contract, unlike taxis. Taxis are exempted, given that they are public service vehicles as stated in the Singapore Police Force website so they are excluded from this rule. 

However, anyone below 1.35m must be seated in the rear of the taxi. 

Unaware of the Law

This leads to a confusion, as many of us are unaware of this law. We still see Grabcars that accept passengers with young children, and some of us still bring our young children along when taking these services. 

This was pointed out by a housewife who commented that she has used these services with her seven-year-old daughter at least three times a week for two years. Yet, she has not been rejected once. This raised an issue that even drivers were unaware of this law.

So if your Grab or Uber driver takes you and your young kid, it is usually because they don’t even know the law themselves. Or perhaps they just want to make things easier for you. 

In an interview with The New Paper, a full-time Grab and Uber driver stated that she rejects four to five passengers a week because they have children. She noted that drivers would not risk losing their licence for a fare. No drivers would like to lose their job, right?

Some Alternatives for Parents with Young Children

What should you do if you are travelling with kids below 1.35m? Pretty simple. Just book GrabFamily service instead! These services are equipped with booster seats for your children between four and seven years old.

You can also book a GrabTaxi, which are exempted from the rule. While the GrabFamily service costs $2 more than a GrabCar, it can ensure your child’s safety while adhering to the law. 

Now that you’re aware of this law, you’ll understand why your Grab and Uber driver’s position when they reject you. It all comes with a reason and in this case, agreeing to your request might result in a fine of $120 and three demerit points.

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