MOH Made Police Report After Healing The Divide Group Urged People to Disrupt Child Vaccine Centres

Imagine a hoard of parents storming to your office and asking you 10,000 questions while you’re trying to patiently calm children down for vaccinations.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? That was exactly what Ms Iris Koh, the founder of anti-vaccine group Healing The Divide, tried to accomplish.

Called Parents to Disrupt Operations at Child Vaccination Sites

In the Telegram channel for Healing The Divide, Ms Koh had asked parents to book a vaccination slot for their child and request for a doctor at the vaccination site.

She encouraged them to then ask doctors questions about the safety of vaccines for children, and whether the doctors knew of recorded deaths of children who had taken the vaccines overseas.

These questions were in a Google Form that she shared with the parents, whereby the parents would record the doctors’ answers to submit to Ms Koh.

The Telegram channel currently holds more than 2,700 members, so you can imagine the amount of disruptive power these parents held at the child vaccination sites.

Ministry of Health Made Police Report Against the Group

The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated on Wednesday (5 January) that it is aware of this matter.

MOH shared that the group’s actions will “greatly disrupt operations” of the child vaccination sites, and “amount to an instigation of harassment of the medical staff”. With such serious consequences in play, MOH has thus filed a police report.

MOH has also encouraged the public to not believe the group’s misleading claims about the COVID-19 vaccines. The Pfizer vaccines has been approved by authorities internationally to be safe for children aged five to 11 after lots of trials and research.

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This is Not the First Time Healing The Divide Has Got into Trouble with the Authorities

In fact, this group has had a long history of spreading falsehoods about COVID-19 and its vaccinations, encouraging others to not get vaccinated.

Ms Koh and her husband Mr Raymond Ng were investigated in November for encouraging members of their Telegram channel to call and disrupt operations of public hotlines.

The hotlines targeted included those that were meant to assist the public with issues regarding COVID-19. Instead of being readily available to help those in need, these hotlines were clogged up with anti-vaccinators, who were sharing feedback on the stricter COVID-19 measures for unvaccinated people.

Healing The Divide’s YouTube channel was also found to be perpetuating falsehoods and misleading information on COVID-19. This constituted a violation of the platform’s community guidelines, and their YouTube channel was thus removed in November. Interesting enough, MOH apparently put a statement about the removal.

The Truth about Vaccinations for Children

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The Pfizer vaccination is now offered to children aged five to 11, and it has been clinically proven to be safe for kids.

A clinical trial done on over 2,000 children showed that the Pfizer vaccine gave up to 90.7% protection against symptomatic infections. Scientists have also observed no serious adverse after-effects of the vaccine on children.

So yes, the Pfizer vaccination is assessed to be safe for your child, and MOH has encouraged all eligible children to get vaccinated once it is offered to them.

Let’s all do our part to protect ourselves and the people around us, so that 2022 can be a better year for us all.

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