Over Ten $50 Notes Floated on Waters Beside MBS After They Were Blown Away from a Clip Wallet


Money fly money fly, this time money really fly away…

Well, this is what befell a Feng Shui master, or a geomancer, on 27 July evening.

The aftermath was witnessed and caught on camera by Mr Bryan Lee, a 32-year-old TikTok-er who happened to pass by the area with his friends.

Cash Taking a Swim

An assortment of (not less than) 10 to 11 $10 and $50 bills were seen floating in the water.

The camera zoomed in on debris on the water surface, revealing that they were indeed $50 notes.

According to Lee,  who is @bleegoodstuffthis on Tiktok, the money flew out of the Feng Shui master’s clip-on wallet while he was on the telephone.

Hilariously, the man was on the telephone advising someone how to preserve their wealth… when his cash was literally swimming out there in the water.

When interviewed by AsiaOne, Lee explained that they overheard the man sharing Feng Shui-related details such as how to keep one’s wealth, and discussing water and metal elements and charts. Lee said the man was so engrossed in his phone call that he did not appear to notice that he was losing his own wealth.

Netizens’ Reactions

Nothing less should be expected when money “rains down from the sky.”

The Tiktok post has racked up more than 300,000 views on Tiktok, creating a huge commotion in the online community.

“The feng [Chinese for ‘wind’] literally blew his money into the shui [Chinese for ‘water’],” one commented.

TFW the meaning of a phrase comes to life but it happens at the wrong moment…

Many netizens also commented that they would have jumped over the ledge to retrieve the cash if they had been present.

Till death do us part would definitely be literal when money really rains from the skies one day. We’ll probably witness a vicious fight worthy of The Hunger Games.

Scooping Fortune Out of the River

While Lee rebutted the netizens saying that jumping in is unwise as it is illegal to swim in Singapore’s reservoirs, this did not stop his friends from using alternative means to grow their wealth.

In a second TikTok video, Lee’s friends tried to scoop the notes out of the water using a makeshift net attached to some rope that was left in their car.


Unfortunately for them, their efforts bore no fruit and they left none the richer.

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Where the Money Goes

The money would likely float into the Marina Bay area and then into the Marina Reservoir, which is Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the largest one.

Excess water that flows into the catchment area is eventually released into the open sea. However, the dam across the mouth of the Marina channel might trap any debris, including the money.

If the money truly goes out into the open seas…

Happy money games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.


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Featured Image: TikTok (@bleegoodstuffthis)