Mum Slammed After Filming Her 2 Daughters Giving Ang Baos to Elderly Outside Waterloo Temple


Doing acts of charity is great, but filming it to post online? Not so great.

A mother faced criticism on Facebook after filming and posting a video of her two daughters giving red packets to the needy.

Mother Told Daughters to Give Red Packets to Elderly and the Disabled

In the video, a mother could be heard telling her two daughters who to approach along Waterloo Street. The two young girls handed out red packets to the elderly, those in personal mobility aids or wheelchairs, and also two dressed in religious robe.

Additionally, most who received red packets were selling tissue packets. They’re a common sight along the temples, especially during the Chinese New Year period.

Should Not Have Filmed and Publicised the Act of Charity

Don’t get me wrong, the act of charity is perfectly fine and should be encouraged. Many netizens did praise the mother’s effort to teach the girls to give to those less well-off around them.

However, many netizens also did feel that the mother should not have filmed and publicised her daughters’ actions.

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Firstly, the video captured the faces of those who received red packets. By publicising this online, the mother is exposing the identity of those receiving the red packets without their consent.

Acts of charity should also be carried out in private. Sure, there are plenty of videos out there of strangers happening to film a kind act on the streets… But the person filming is usually not the same person doing the giving.

By filming and publicising their charitable act, it diminishes the value of the act in netizens’ eyes as it seems like they’re just doing this to get praise.

Still not sure about why the mother would post this video online? Watch this to understand the real reason:


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Shared It Hoping That Others Might Do The Same?

There are always two ends of the spectrum, as some netizens didn’t see any issue with the mother publicising this act of charity.

They said that perhaps she hoped others would see this and be encouraged to do the same.  Some also said that this video can be used as a teaching moment for children, to inculcate the values of kindness and generosity.

Regardless of the mother’s intentions, as one comment pointed out, “If there’s money given to the needy, at least some good is done.”

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Incidents)