Mr Softee Back in S’pore…or to be Specific, Back in Yew Tee and BP

Frozen treats are literally everywhere, from convenience stores to shopping malls to your mum’s pantry to your grandma’s old shoe locker.

But none, in my opinion, come close to the age old legend.

Mr Softee.


This was literally my childhood, apart from ice pops and block catching (just kidding. I liked Milo more than ice pops).

However, for some unknown reason, the frills-free convenience store ice cream suddenly disappeared in the late 2000s. The worst thing? It never came back.

Since then, I have combed far and wide, close and narrow for something that even comes close to the legend.

But to no avail.

Just as I was about to give up and become a monk, I chanced upon this.

Image: Muhammad Syawal Facebook

Dear gawd…


How is this possible?

It’s back?!

Facebook user Muhammad Syawal posted the unlikely update on 10 January, alongside a close-up of the claimed Mr Softee.
Image: Muhammad Syawal Facebook

According to Syawal, he had gotten his serving from an outlet near Unity Primary School.

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Image: Muhammad Syawal Facebook

Additionally, it seems that vanilla is the only flavour for now, although there might be plans for two particular favourites.

Image: Muhammad Syawal Facebook

Price seems to be fixed at $1.50 per cup.

Two outlets serving it so far

Another Facebook user, Hanafie Hallil, reached out to 7-Eleven for confirmation.

Image: Hanafie Hallil Facebook Page

7-Eleven responded with pretty good news.

Image: Hanafie Hallil Facebook Page

Both are in the West. Westies are awesome. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyways, yes people, I guess Mr Softee’s back for now. We have no idea whether it will be back for real, but will update if we get a hold of the required info.

Again, these are the two outlets in question which offer Mr Softee.

Choa Chu Kang Drive Blk 689B #01-306

Gangsa Road BLK 152A 

Happy Softee-ing!

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Featured image: Facebook (Muhammad Syawal)