There’s Going to be Cha Tra Mue Rose Tea Soft Serve Ice-cream That’ll Make You Laosai

Previously in September, I wrote about how Cha Tra Mue rose tea will make you bomb the toilet like nobody’s business. You can read about it here.

Probably a little too much drama in the title but I warned you guys about the disclaimer Cha Tra Mue wrote on their Facebook post:

“Rose is an old laxative remedy, may cause bowel movement after consumption.”

“You may need to visit the toilet frequently, please do not try if you’re not ready.”

And after some research, I concluded that rose tea is a safe drink to consume and the effect of laxative is “mild”. It is often used as an effective natural remedy for constipation.

But we really can’t help you if you drink 10 cups at one go.

This time round, we hear again from Cha Tra Mue! Not about their pretty pink rose milk tea but something even better.

Presenting to you… all the way from Bangkok…

Image: Cha Tra Mue Sg Facebook Page

OMG! People who knows me are aware that I heart ice cream.

It’s a Sunday ritual for me to take ice cream. Any ice cream. From cheap $1 ice cream to expensive 24K gold leaf ice cream

Image: Imgflip

Yes, the week must be completed with ice cream. It’s the best closure one can ever get.

Tired? Sleepy? Angry? Anxious? Suffering a heartache?

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Just eat ice cream.


But yet again, Cha Tra Mue warns us of its laxative effect:

“As we are using the same rose tea that extract from rose petals, laxative effect may still present, but it would be milder if there is any.”

Image: Cha Tra Mue Sg Facebook Page

So just be wary if you have a weak digestive system, no matter how mild they may claim it to be. Always be safe. It’s your life after all.

Meanwhile I’m searching on Google…


Sorry, it’s not my intention to dampen your spirits.


Our Cha Tra Mue Rose Tea Soft Serve will be in stores on the last day of November! That’s a good way to welcome the Christmas month.

Only available at 2 outlets at $4.50 per serving:

Far East Square
137 Amoy Street #01-05, Singapore 049965
Mon – Fri, 9am to 6pm. Closed on weekends and Public Holidays.

2 Science Park Drive, #01-31 (two minutes from Kent Ridge MRT)
Mon – Fri, 8 am to 5.30pm. Closed on weekends and Public Holidays.

If you’re not a fan of rose-based products, go for the Milk Green Tea Soft Serve, Thai Tea Soft Serve or the best of both worlds, mixed!

It’s already available since 31 October at the same 2 outlets mentioned above.

Image: Cha Tra Mue Sg Facebook Page

Available in cups or cones, not to worry.

You can say thank you later, just don’t go overboard with your purchase on D-day. Leave some for the next person in line.

And remember they are closed on weekends when I last checked. Don’t ask me why. Click here for their latest outlet information.

Enjoy your cool treat and don’t forget to walk off the sugar later.

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Featured image: Cha Tra Mue Sg Facebook Page