There’s a Man in M’sia Who Looks 99.9% Like Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel once famously said, “I don’t have friends; I got family” in Furious 7.

It turns out the family in question refers to his doppelgängers worldwide. Vin Diesel has a lookalike right across the causeway in Malaysia.

M’sian Man Looking Like Vin Diesel 

A man in Malaysia has gone viral on Twitter for looking like the American actor Vin Diesel.

From the bald head to the stubby nose and stern eyes, this man looks 99.9% like Vin Diesel.

I even had to take a double-take because he looked like Vin Diesel.

However, instead of the fancy leather jackets and cool shades, the Malaysian version of Vin Diesel opted for a more casual baju kurung look while grilling fish at a roadside store.


It seems like even the Malaysian Vin Diesel could not beat the weather.

The Twitter user did not reveal where the photo was taken. However, there are speculations from netizens that the pictures were taken in Johor Bahru, as the same man was likely seen pumping petrol at a station as well.

According to the Malaysian tabloid news site Kosmo, the identified man was a Pakistani who migrated to Malaysia to settle down.

There is no fooling me with that one, Internet; that is Vin Diesel on vacation in Malaysia.

Netizens’ Response to M’sian Vin Diesel 

Many netizens online made Fast & Furious-related jokes in light of the situation. Netizens parody Vin Diesel’s famous quote, “You don’t turn your back on family”, from Fast & Furious 6.

They applied the quote to the grilled fish the man was seen with. They changed the selection to “[t]he fish is for family” instead.


Other netizens also commented on ideas for the next Fast & Furious sequel before the series officially ends in 2024.

One netizen suggested, “Fast & Furious 11: Buying Fish”.


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Vin Diesel’s Thai Lookalike

Previously, a man in Thailand went viral for looking like Vin Diesel. Receiving over 72,000 shares, he was even famously coined the Thai Vin Diesel by netizens online.

Now, his status as the Asian Vin Diesel is getting challenged by this man in Malaysia.

Vin Diesel has yet to comment on this lookalike situation.

I wonder if they could unlock Vin Diesel’s Face ID on his iPhone.

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