M’sian Chops Up Mother into 15 Pieces After Fight Over Inheritance


A neighbour complained about the unbearable smell coming from the house, only for the police to find the chopped-up body.

Here’s what happened.

42YO Murdered 68YO Mother

At a housing estate near Parit Buntar town, a neighbour complained about an unbearable smell coming from a single-story house.

When the police went to investigate on 4 June, they found wooden planks covering the sewage tank behind the house. According to Perak police chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, a forensics team discovered the body parts, leading to the immediate arrest of the 42-year-old suspect.

The police then found two knives and a machete in the house, which are believed to be murder weapons.

Daughter Lodged Missing Persons Report Previously

Before finding the body, the victim’s daughter lodged a police report on 28 May after not being able to find her mother. The daughter, who lives elsewhere, calls her mother daily.

On 28 May, the suspect picked up the call instead, and told his sister that their mother went out and didn’t return home. The police then went to the house to investigate and ask the suspect some questions later on that day.

Mr Mior said that the family collects used items and recyclables, so the house was very messy and smelly. Not finding anything unusual, the police then left the house.

It is likely that the suspect had already murdered his mother and hidden the body when the police initially came to investigate the daughter’s report.

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Dissatisfaction Over Division of Inheritance

According to investigations, the suspect hit his mother on the head with a weapon, causing her to collapse.

After that, he chopped his mother’s body into 15 pieces.

The man, who suffers from a mental illness, was driven to murder due to his dissatisfaction over the division of his late father’s inheritance.

The father died 12 years ago, and the suspect has been living with his mother since then.

Seeing how he killed his mother in cold blood, are we really surprised that his mother didn’t give him more of the inheritance?

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