M’sian Posted a FB Video Asking for Wife, Promising Car & Allowance


A while back, self-proclaimed Singapore Superstar Steven Lim posted a status on his Facebook Page, asking for “pretty” and “decent” ladies with cpf savings of more than $250K to hit him up and invest in a private condo together.

Image: Steven Lim Facebook Page

Now, make no mistake; Steven Lim is definitely in a league of his own. Undisputedly, unquestionably so.

But it seems that Malaysia might have inadvertently spawned their closest version of the all-exclusive Singapore Superstar.

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

Meet 江昭上.

This Malaysian, who’s situated in Melaka, is looking for a wife.

Now, that might not be especially news-worthy, but just wait for this:

He’s looking for a wife, and has taken to Facebook to do so.

What happened?

In a video posted on 7 December, a man is seen facing the camera and asking the audience to “recommend him a nice girl”.

For the non-Chinese speaking community, here’s a brief transcript of how the conversation went:

“Okay, I’ve played enough. I want to find a wife, ok?

So if you guys know anyone, a nice girl, who can be my wife… can tag them?

Err… if someone becomes my wife, I will buy a Vios for her to drive, and give her a monthly allowance of $500 to spend.

She doesn’t need to love me. She only needs to stay at home, wash clothes, clean the house, cook the rice, and it’s ok already. She doesn’t need to love me. She just needs to be a good girl.

I don’t want one of those bad girls, who find other guys outside and make me troubled at night.

If you know anyone, a nice girl, recommend to me alright?

Watch the full video here:


Looking for a wife

Posted by 江昭上 on Thursday, 7 December 2017

Netizens weren’t that interested

Despite the guy’s obvious spending capabilities, Netizens didn’t exactly jump on the bandwagon.

Rather, some called for him to find a helper instead.

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

“Isn’t it alright if you hire a maid?”

“An Indonesian maid’s salary is higher than yours.”

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

“What’s the difference between that and finding a helper?”

And one even recommended her own maid for the job!

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

“My maid isn’t bad, she stays at home quietly and is satisfied with money.”

And I gotta say; I agree.

Halfway through the video, I got lost between the concept of “finding a wife”, and “finding a helper.” I even low-key thought that it was a cleverly done advertisement for some renowned maid agency.

But seeing how there was no twist at the end…


It’s real, guys. 

100% authentic.

Which leads us to the all-important question…


If you’ve always longed for the luxurious lifestyle, this is your chance.

Don’t say bo jio ah!



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Featured Image: Facebook (江昭上)