Victim Who Was Slashed in Buangkok Was Recording Assailant When Assailant Suddenly Attacked


The victim who got slashed thrice by the sword-wielding Buangkok man was actually recording the man before getting assaulted.

He bravely fended off the man and managed to pin him to the ground before more people could get hurt.

Here’s what happened.

Heading Home When He Saw Man with Sword, Recorded Man with Phone

The 35-year-old victim, Mr Amila Chinthana, was waiting for the traffic fight in Buangkok Crescent on 14 March.

He had just heading home after buying food for his wife when he saw a man swinging a sword about 100m away. The man was using the sword to hit vehicles on the road.

Mr Chinthana decided to record the scene on his phone when the man suddenly charged at him. He had to use his grocery bags to protect himself, but still ended up getting three injuries. One of them was a cut longer than 10cm on his left shoulder.

The assailant slipped and fell after charging at Mr Chinthana, which allowed him to pin the assailant to the ground. Other passers-by also came to help him contain the man before the police came.

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Did Not Think of Fleeing

In an interview with The Straits Times, Mr Chinthana said that he’s “not a man who gets scared easily”. He did not think of fleeing the scene, even though he could have gotten seriously injured.

Mr Chinthana will be one of the six people who will be presented the “Public Spirited Award” by the Ang Mo Kio Police Division. After stopping the sword-wielder and stopping him from harming more people, this award is truly well-deserved.

As for the sword-wielder, he’ll be charged in court on Wednesday  for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means.

You can watch what happened here:

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