M’sia Prisons Department Responds to Allegations That Najib’s Jail Cell is Like a VIP Room

Regardless of how hard Najib tried to escape his July 2020 conviction (and try he did), his sentence of 12 years in jail and a fine of RM210 was upheld by the Malaysian Court of Appeal.

Immediately after Chief Justice Tengku Maimum Tuan Mat dismissed Najib’s final appeal on Tuesday (23 Aug), the former Prime Minister was taken to Kajang Prison.

False: Cushy Prison Cell for Najib

Afterwards, a Facebook post alleging that Najib was being kept in a special and luxurious-looking prison cell started surfacing on social media.

This was subsequently refuted by Malaysia’s prison department on Wednesday (24 Aug).

In the newest Facebook post, the department stamped the word “PALSU”—FAKE in Malay—in large red capital letters across an image showing a spacious room that has its own bathroom, alongside three beds with fluffy blankets and pillows, a table, and a mini fridge.

Image: facebook.com (Jabatan Penjara Malaysia)

In the post description, the prison department told the public to “stop spreading false information”.

The originator of the rumour appears to be one D’eyo Adie, who also claimed that the VIP prisoners had access to a private television set, internet, and air-conditioning. Apparently, they also enjoyed a sumptuous food and drink menu that can cost up to RM150 (S$47) per day, which is extravagant compared to the RM30 a day budgeted for ordinary convicts.

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Heck, it is practically a hotel staycation, except with crappier clothing.

Although the prison department has declared that the post is fake, there is still some doubt lingering in the Facebook comments.

After all, we are talking about a former prime minister who transferred RM42 million to his own private bank accounts from the national investment funds.

Bribing the prison department to get better living conditions isn’t a far-fetched idea.

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Featured Image: Facebook