Naomi Neo Shows Herself Collecting Another Supercar & Driving It


When we see influencers flaunting their luxury goods online, we can’t help but think, “Ah, rich people…”

The train of thought goes like this: first, envy; then, we think of ways to get rich magically. How to be an influencer? How to make it big on social media?

It’s even more mind-boggling to see Naomi Neo driving a McLaren on your feed even though she already owns two other luxury cars, a Lamborghini Huracan and a Mercedes.

Luckily, this McLaren is not a new addition to her collection of cars that each cost a fortune.

Taking the McLaren on a Joyride

In a video uploaded to Ms Neo’s Instagram on Monday (17 April), her family was seen heading to the McLaren showroom in Redhill with her.

The video started with the caption “bringing the McLaren 720S home today”, which gave the impression that she would add another expensive car to her collection, as many commenters thought.

After signing the paperwork, she was handed the keys to the orange car, which looked like it came straight from the future with its sleek and smooth surface.

The 27-year-old’s son, Kyzo, was captured sitting in the car “casually” napping.

She then drove the car back home and took a few clips of it parked in front of her house, including one with its doors up like butterfly wings. It looked like something out of a Transformers movie.

In her Instagram story, Ms Neo mentioned how the McLaren ride was an “amazing drive but wasted in Singapore.”

“Cannot reach full potential.”

The caption of her post about collecting the McLaren stated that it was her “new ride for the next few days”, suggesting she didn’t actually buy it.


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Netizens’ Reactions

Most of us know that Naomi Neo shot to fame when she was much younger and has since made a name for herself online.

Her influence has a lot to do with why we see her being able to purchase luxury goods left and right.

Image: Instagram

Some, however, find it baffling that Ms Neo is so young and yet can afford this $990,000 McLaren.

Image: Instagram

Others didn’t know what Ms Neo’s job was, but it sounds like they wanted a source of inspiration for themselves.

Image: Instagram

Some mentioned that it was difficult for them to afford things they wanted while they needed to support themselves.

Naomi Neo’s Luxury Home

On 30 December last year, Ms Neo posted a TikTok video of her new three-storey bungalow.

Her $850,000 Lamborghini Huracan was captured pulling up into its driveway.

Her new house features everything we dream of, including a spiral staircase, a swimming pool and a large balcony.


Best part is, her house is likely to be a Good-Class Bungalow, which costs around an average of $30 million.

I guess we can all try to live Naomi Neo’s life…in our dreams.